Start Over?

How does starting this rp sound with everyone? I really want to do a Doubt rp, but I just want to see what other people think. Comment with what you think IF you read this.

1. I think we should start over and leave it as is.
2. Start over, but rp in comment boxes instead.
3. Have this kind of as a rp, but more like a joint story.
4. Start over, but rp in theO chat.
5. Don't start over and keep pushing through!
6. Not interested in this rp anymore.
7. *ignores Poochy*
8. *raises hand and gives a different option* <--aka comment with what you want to do.

Also, depending on what we chose, I'm going to try and find others to join. (as long as they at least know some about Doubt.)

Well, let me know, or just silently do choice 7 :'D


PS if I don't get a response I'll try PMing this to the members and if nothing or only "Eh, whatever is fine." than I'll drop this rp and focus on a different one.

Just Curious...

I know I've kind of abandoned the rp, but I was wondering if you wanted me to keep it going...


The Wolf...

The wolf has noticed that this rp seems to bit a tiny bit dead. The Wolf wonders if another killing would set the pace? The wolf also appreciates the irony in killing somebody to revive a dead rp.

The game and the players.

<< Shin >> [ shin-00 ]

A scream from somewhere woke me up. I've opened my eyes in an instant, but for several moments I couldn't see a thing. I looked around until my eyes got used to the darkness around me and then I realized that I was in a classroom, near a window, because I could see a teacher's desk, desks and the door on the opposite wall, barely luminated by the vague light that was entering the room through the dirty windows. I've reached for the blackboard frame so I can get up, but I felt the touch of a spider web. It was disturbing, but at least I could stand up. The whole image in front of me started to swing, as if I was about to faint, but I managed to recover by waiting a few more seconds.

When the vertigo sensation disappeared, an awful pain on the back of my right shoulder took its place.

For the first time since I woke up, I attempted to remember how I got there.

"I was at DodgsonLand's and I left in a hurry for the Doubt meeting." I replayed everything in my mind. "That's right, the Doubt meeting. We gathered at the mall and hung out there and then... And then what?"

I stopped. That was everything I could remember. And then there was a scream.

"Just what's going on?" I whispered to myself.

The least I could understand was that I won't find the answer by simply sitting there, so I tried to turn on the light. I had no luck, as it seemed that all the neon lights were broken. I went back to the window and opened it. There was a grille in front of the window, but at least I could breathe some fresh air. By the distance to the ground, I could estimate that I was on the third floor, so even if there was no grille, I couldn't jump from there.

I had no other choice... I had to exit the room and find where the scream was coming from. It was definitely a girl's screaming, but I couldn't recognize the voice. I got out from the classroom and to my surprise some of the neons on the hall were working, so here and there some spots were being lighted on.

Somewhere close, in one of those light spots, I saw Ran.

"I don't mind an ad-lib game, but hitting someone in the head is playing dirty" he said as I was approaching him.

"What are you talking about? There's not the case to..."

"And then there's this" he interrupted me, pulling his hands out of his pockets.

Ran turned his head a bit to the right and pointed to his neck. There was a bar-code behind his ear.

"Now this is not funny at all" he said in a low tone, but somehow relaxed.

I almost felt that my heart stopped beating. Ran pulled me by my shirt, turned me around as if I was a lifeless puppet and tilted my head successively to the right and then to the left, holding me still by my shoulder. I don't think he used too much power, but it felt like my shoulder was being torn up, so I pulled myself from his grip and covered with my left palm the back of my shoulder that was hurting me so bad.

"Oh, I see" I heard from behind me.

He grasped me again, this time by my left arm and pulled down the shirt I was wearing, uncovering my right arm and almost a quarter of my back, almost chocking me with the front part of the neckline.

"Here's yours. It looks still fresh" he stated as he let go of me.

I arranged my clothing, not knowing what else to do.

"Welcome to the club. It seems that we're in the same team."

He was so calm, I couldn't say a word. Frustration, fear and confusion were all mixed up in my mind. Suddenly I remembered that scream that woke me up. I rushed on the hall and I was about to go down the stairs, when I heard Ran yelling from behind me.

"Where are you going?"

"I've heard a scream. There might be others like us trapped in here with us. If that's the case, I'm going to find them."

"Then I'm coming with you."

We got to the second floor and headed towards the opened door that we saw. We entered that classroom and found Clara and Alice. The moment we went in, Alice looked at us with tearful eyes. Given the situation we were in, it was no surprise.

"Shin, look."

I've turned my gaze to the same direction Ran was pointing to and saw a body lying down... A dead body.

"It can't be" I let out the only thought that crossed my mind.


I'll follow tutcat's model and write a summary here:

Shin hears a scream that wakes him up, gets out of the classroom he was in and finds Ran. They discover the bar-codes. Then they go together to the 2nd floor and enter the room where Hikari's corpse, Clara and Alice are.


W-What the-!

~Kazuko I stumbled around a little longer until I heard a scream. It.. It sounded close. I started to move around some more trying to find a way out before I heard a voice. "Hello? Anybody there?" I stopped and looked around but couldn't se...

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