No clue... XD

Soooo... It's been a long time. That last time I remember this site it was still called MyOtaku only. My word have the times changed. And I still have my account from 6 years ago. SIX YEARS ago... It's crazy. But you guys finally get some nice treats since I am updating here.

I am forcing myself to be here longer. I just need some friends and people to talk to me.

I will say now. I have no clue how to post on my main profile page anymore. I am absolutely flabbergasted. Anyone out there want to help someone like me out. Because I have a feeling this is not this thing that posts things to my wall. If it is, then I've succeeded. XD


A friend of mine found her account on here recently. So it made me want to come back. I suppose the more people I can talk to and make friends with, the more likely I'll remember to get on. If not. It's always fine. I just miss this place.

I can not believe how much it's changed over the years. It's quiet amazing.