Welcome to the TARDIS!

Name: Anna
Doctor Who Fan since the early 1980s!

Yes, I've been a fan of the Doctor for that long! Somewhere I still have my Official Doctor Who Fan Club membership card. This site is my way of showing my appreciation for the longest running science fiction television series ever! This will be my place to put up trivial bits, opinions, and the occasional piece of artwork relating to the world of the Doctor.

So... enjoy...

TARDIS alert!!!!

Well, since October, I have posted not quite 100 TARDISes. They are viewable over on dA & tumblr. I'm way behind on the project, thanks to a poopy August and a serious artblock in December. If I want to finish within the 365 days, I'd need to do 5 a day. Which would mean I'd have to do nothing but make TARDISes 24/7. Ain't gonna happen.


If you go to tumblr, don't mind the various Avengers related reblogs. Especially the numerous Robert Downey, Jr posts.


Yeah. Procrastinating again on my TARDIS project. I did get one done today, but am still 3 days behind. However, the fact that I am going to go to a hockey game tomorrow night isn't exactly going to help me out here...


TARDIS alert!

Days 153, 154, & 155 are now up on DeviantArt & Tumblr. I'm only a day behind now.




The wait begins.

October second.
Season Thingy has ended.
Silence did not fall!

Spontaneous haiku for Doctor Who....

It has begun!

The 365 TARDIS Project got underway this morning. I may put it in fan art here. Just can't right now, as it's at home on my laptop & I'm at work on the iPad.

Here is the first one: http://fav.me/d3cylbh

Was going to work on second one at work tonight, but the printer would not cooperate at all. Had to give up trying to print my reference picture.