hey keith's kitty here.. what's up everyone .. enjoy ur stay well that's all keith's kitty out
my otaku family^^
mother: ryoko98632
sisters:mew mew kitty,animaniac6131,blueangel110,mrs.sessy514,XxRaindropsxX
brothers: nightmare0dude,TheTreeNinja
daughter(s): TheOneLostPuppy, AnimeFreak girl, Hatchi84,wolfdemonchild9
husband NIGHTMAR3
cousins:Twin feriner,Kaneya Uchiha,Clorine Kuin
best friends:mew mew kitty,TheOneLostPuppy, NIGHTMAR3,AnimeFreak girl
guardian:Blood Moon Wolf
my slaves:
my master NIGHTMAR3
for my kadaj


hi everyone. me and keith finally got internet.. so i'll be on more often.i'll aslo be posting my story.

Rest In Peace Mongy

one of my favortie animals, Mongy had to be put down today. i ain't going to say why. i miss him so much. he was one of three bestest dogs i could ever know. like Beethoven,and ranbow. i will never forget them. andeach day i miss them more and more .. just like i will mongy. so goodbye mongy i love u and miss u. and please don't ever forget me. rest in peace.


hi, sorry everyone i haven't been on like i use to i been getting use to everything up here. i'll try to be on more. again sorry

Mine And Nightmar3 Wedding

yay.. only 5 more weeks to mine and my night wedding. i'm so exctied but so nervous too.. i know my neverous will go away when i see night's face and look into his wondeful blue eyes. i can't wait. i be sure to post pictures of it here and on our new photobucket we'll make for the wedding pic's. special note to nighti love u so much my night

this is how i feel about math