Ch. 5

The air was being pumped into her lungs as she ran for her life down the street. She didn't understand how all the commotion she is making can be so loud and yet there seems to be no answer from any of the shops or homes? Victoria screams out once more hoping for any kind of returning sounds, but of course there were none.
She snaps back to reality when an arrow sails by her ear and implants itself in an open door. She rushes inside and closes the door behind her. Latching the lock and barricading the door with anything in arms reach, she frantically tries to find something in the shop that she can defend herself with. The only thing is a metal poker from the fireplace that looks like it hasn't been touched in years. She hears the men pounding on the door, taunting her like the trapped girl she was.
"Don't be so shy sweetheart. We just want to play." says on of the men.
"Go away!! Please leave me be!!" Victoria screams. Her body moves on it's own and throws a pot at the window where a hooded figure emerges. She is scared stiff.
Everything goes silent for what seems like forever. She slowly walks towards the window and peeks out the edge. There is no one in sight. She goes a bit closer. Suddenly flames burst from the door and quickly begins to spread. She panics and searches frantically for a way out. She sees a window on the other side of the room. She takes her makeshift weapon and starts smacking it against the pains. After a few hits it gives way and busts out. She starts to climb threw, cutting herself from all the shards imbedded in the seal, when a man comes out of nowhere and looks her in the face.
He had the grin of the devil himself, eyes so cold and gray he didn't seem to have a soul at all. Her eyes go down to notice something in his hand. before she could identify it he swings it up and hits her across the cheek with it, knocking out a few teeth in the process. She falls back inside dazed from the impact. All she is red, all she can taste is blood, all she can feel is pain as the fire creeps up and starts to catch to her clothes. Everything starts to go black.

She jolts up in a cold sweat, frantically feeling her body for any burns or gashes. She counts her teeth and realizes she's safely on her hill below her oak tree. She lets out a sigh of relief and leans back on the bark. She must of dozed off waiting for Liz. From the look of the sun she couldn't of been asleep for more then an hour.
She gets up on shaky feet, still reeling from her dream. For the past few months these dreams are getting more frequent. If only there was a way to get them to stop.
Victoria starts walking back home, Liz probably got tangled up with something or just forgot. Half way home see notices out of the corner of her eye, Stephen talking with a few other men by a building with no name on the front. This must be where they come to meet and discuss things among fellow guardians. From what he tells her no one is allowed in except for the few who vow their lives to protect their "assignments". Stephen says he called her his "beloved" but still being referred to as a job got to her.
She knew she needed to just walk away and go home and not get into anything. If he knew she was out by herself she wouldn't hear the end of it, but she wanted to know what they were talking abut. Stephen had that look on his face that said "This is not good" and she had to know the issue at hand. She crept closer hiding behind a pile of hay bushels and craned her neck to try to hear better.
"Is she aware of this news?" Said an older man, about late thirties. She heard Stephen sign.
"No, I can not bring myself to tell her." he said, "I keep telling myself he will return soon."
"It has been almost two months since we last received a letter from him. On it he explained he was about to start the journey home within that next day. He should of been home by now!" said another man. This one was around twenty-five if Victoria could guess. his black hair was pulled back showing his black stubble. She could see the anger on his face. "It is not up to you to withhold this information from his daughter! You must tell her that her father is missing and may not come home!"
Her heart skipped a beat. Her father was missing? Stephen said he was running behind but should be home soon. He lied to her.
She started to panic and fell forward knocking over her barrier. The men looked over as she scrambled to regain herself. Stephen noticed who their spy was and rushed over to help her. "Why are you here Victoria? You know your not suppose to be out of the house." He whispered as he reached for her arm.
She smacked his hand away furious of the news that was just brought to light. "Do not dare touch me! You have lied to my face for months!" She screamed as she got up. "You make me think my father is almost home when he has been missing! I could of gone searching for him!" She pushes Stephen back into his companions. His regains his stance and approaches her slowly.
"You do not understand. I have been protecting you."
"Protecting me? You have all but destroyed me!" Tears start to run down her face. She notices the commotion has gained the attention of others. "You have broken my heart Stephen! I can't trust you after this! I don't wish to look at you right now. I will take my leave." She turns and walks away. He stands there star struck not knowing what to do. She walks home not caring if she is seen by others or not. She bursts through the kitchen door and stomps up to her room where she locks the door behind her. She sinks to the floor and stares out the window for a while until she begins to feel sick to which she runs to it and throws her head outside just in time for the bile to not get in her room.
Afterwards she washes out her mouth to get rid of the taste and lays on her bed unwilling to move. Her head spins for what seems like hours until she hears a faint knock at her door. Swallowing to clear her throat she replies, "Who is it?"
"It is me. I need to talk to you." She didn't need a name, she would recognize that voice from anywhere.
"The door is locked Stephen and I do not feel like getting up." She said angrily. "If you wish to talk you must break it down."
He wasted no time kicking until the lock gave way. Walking inside he stood by her bed. She refused to make eye contact, fixating her gaze at a small bug crawling in circles on the ceiling.
"I can explain." He said looking at her sadly.
"Do try, I can not see there being one good enough for you to call it such." she said not moving from her position.
He takes in a breath like he was going to talk but says nothing. Instead he pulls her up by her arms and forces her to look at him. The look in his eyes said he loved her but how could she trust anything anymore? He kissed her and held her close. "I messed up. I swear on my life I will never hurt you again. Victoria I never wish to hurt you ever. That is why I could not tell you."
She held him back. Angry or not he was all she had now until her father is found. She lets go of her emotions and cries onto his shoulder. gripping at his shirt to pull him closer if possible, holding on to the one thing keeping her together.