Busy Week

Hi all. I've been busy and had some accomplishments! I'm apart of the costume crew for a musical that's happening this week. I had to do a self-portrait over the last 2 weeks and now it's up on the wall in my class^^. Also, my design won the contest for the anime club's t-shirt so I'm really happy about that. I drew Fuu from Samurai Champloo.

In art class, we now are on perspective drawing so right now I don't like it as much because I don't know how to do it, but I'm determined to master it! I had to start over in the middle of class because the stairs I tried to draw had a different vanishing point than the room and I got all confused and overwhelmed XD. Then doors are another thing. They have a different vanishing point if their open, but I think I figured those out finally.

Also, I found something and have been practicing to improve anatomy and I would say it's paying off. If you sign up, you should get these lessons every other day I believe on mastering figure drawing. anatomy is briefly covered. I think I'll forever be learning anatomy, which is a good I suppose. The guy, who started the website, is a teacher and has a youtube where he give tuts and shows his students' sketchbooks.

My favorite sketchbook is...