My name is SharinByaku8 which involves my favorite character's from Naruto. Sasuke with his Sharingan and Neji with his Byakugan. 8 is my favorite number.

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This is more like my personal blog and things manga related that I like to talk about.

I wrote a 5 page manga!

I guess this is my Bakuman story lol. On DA, I teamed up with an artist and wrote a story for this challenge. We were supposed to adapt the synopsis that was given to us and make it our own. The artist and I worked pretty well together and bounced ideas off one another so it was a good matchup.

This was a fun experience. I helped out with tones too. I came up with character sheets and wrote up a script for the first time ever. We are thinking of working together again as well. I also have plans to illustrate my own manga when I can.

Follow the link to read the manga: Paradise Syndrome

Hope you enjoy reading it.