My name is SharinByaku8 which involves my favorite character's from Naruto. Sasuke with his Sharingan and Neji with his Byakugan. 8 is my favorite number.

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This is more like my personal blog and things manga related that I like to talk about.

I'm reading in admiration.

I started reading Bakuman and have read quite a bit of it. I'm admiring how they set up their story and I'm sure that people were inspired to become mangakas after reading it. Their art style fascinates me both in the covers, color art, and pages....

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Prizes Stiill Pending Part 2

I'm redrawing art that I came up with because I think I could do better. I also am thinking it will be traditional, but not completely sure. I had some other non-prize fan art I wanted to submit, but my scanner was being difficult so I'll wait and maybe submit later.

Drawing Heads in Different Angles

A cool video I came across ^^.

Soul Contract Will Continue!

I have written the next part to the continuance of my fan fiction called Soul Contract (cross over of Naruto and Bleach). I'm sorry for the long wait for the next part, I just wasn't up for it. I have to rewrite what I wrote before I submit because my writing style for it doesn't feel like the same style so yeah, I want to work on that. Need more adjectives and descriptive words XD. Later today am hoping to have it posted.


I have been drawing a lot. I am within the last few pages of my sketchbook. I have some more, but wow. I am finishing a sketchbook. Never happened to me before. I was flipping through some of it. I have some unfinished sketches that I want to fini...

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