My name is SharinByaku8 which involves my favorite character's from Naruto. Sasuke with his Sharingan and Neji with his Byakugan. 8 is my favorite number.

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This is more like my personal blog and things manga related that I like to talk about.

Manga Update...1

Well, I feel like it's been a while since I posted any artwork. I am busy with school and I am working on bettering my anatomy. I decided to use what I already know about anatomy and apply it to just drawing manga characters with references that I copy. I think this is definitely helping me improve in both manga and anatomy as well. Because I'm aiming to copy the pictures as they are and learn from them, I don't think I'll be posting them. That's all for this update.^^

Manga Research

I thought I share something that I just discovered when I was reading manga with the intent to learn from it. I just realized that it is common for shonen manga to have rivals. It seems to be one of the standards for shonen manga stories. Anyways, I found a 2 part article that speaks about the rivalry aspect within shonen manga. Read if you like.

Part: 1
Part: 2

A WIP of me trying my new coloring technique, but I'm gonna rework this whole picture. I've been and am aiming to be more attentive to anatomy and redrawing characters over and over. ^_^

WIP: My day

So, today I basically shopped, which is kinda a rarity for me, but I hung at the mall and bought stuff. Went to Barnes and Noble, ran into a friend or 2, and got some manga (Bleach and Bakuman). Even though I read these before, I like to have manga on hand too and am slowly, but surely, building my manga library. Plus, it supports the authors.

Here's a WIP.

I don't know If I'll add a bg, but am still working on the clothes and will try out a new coloring technique as well.

It's Official!

I got accepted into the Graphic Design program today! I was a bit nervous and stressed about it, but pulled thru. I had to make a portfolio that displayed my skill range in drawing and design. I made 8 pictures and 3 of them are manga-ish. They were all done traditionally and each, excluding 1, took about 2+hrs. They are on large 11x14 papers so I can't just scan them on here. I made the drawings specifically for the portfolio review.

This is like a self-portrait, except I didn't follow my reference pic exactly as it was (ref for hair and clothes).

I think I'll make a video for either a slideshow or whatever just sharing the portfolio and other stuff.

Happy Valentines Everybody

I had been busy a lot in school and getting other things ready for a special day this week (how vague of me XD). Anyways, hope you all are enjoying Valentine's Day and show some love to loved ones, or whoever.