My name is SharinByaku8 which involves my favorite character's from Naruto. Sasuke with his Sharingan and Neji with his Byakugan. 8 is my favorite number.

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This is more like my personal blog and things manga related that I like to talk about.

My Manga Studio

Okay!!! For some reason my manga studio debut 4 isn't working on my computer. Why?! I was so pump to sketch and draw on it and now when I click on it to come on, it just says ver. 4.2.2 then clicks off. If anyone knos why, please let me kno^^. I contacted tech support online.
Anyway, It didn't stop me from drawing. Got 2 new pokemon sketches done (one may be altered) and now 'I'm coloring them. They are both bug types. Well, back to them I must go.

Perfectionist by Choice

Hi and welcome to my new world where, idk, I write, share new thoughts/techniques, ask questions, etc.

I think of myself as somewhat a perfectionist. I realize that it's something by choice. I appreciate art that is so perfect with lines connecting, the coloring and shading. On the other hand, I like the art where things feel free, flowy, the color doesn't stay in the lines, things overlap, etc. I wonder if it is the artist intention that reaches me or if it is the overall presentation.

Sometimes I find myself wanting my art to be absolutely perfect, but then other times I want it to give a certain feeling or appearance. I enjoy having that freedom.

What's your take on perfection on the subject of art? (can be what you feel is perfection, opinion on perfecting art, literally however you want to interpret the question)