Hi all!
Long time no see..
I have been dissapearing for many months.. LOL
So,I maybe have to update the newest progress if any.. ^^
The conlusion is.. This world,seems like, is most nearly to a blog.. :P
PLUS if you want to ask something.. I'll try to help.. XD
and If you want to subscribe and want me to do the same for you,please tell me.. ^^
Because that is kinda advantageous for both us,and learn together.. :D
In fact,some people in TheO,only sub for a time,then unsub for their advantages.. OMG.. That's not fair!!

How to make wallpapers.. XD

Well, Simple I make it by using only from brushes and stock photos. Before doing anything, Pick a character to whom you want to represent the character within.. That time, I was thinking of my close friend AdoreDog,so I catch u...

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