Hi all!
Long time no see..
I have been dissapearing for many months.. LOL
So,I maybe have to update the newest progress if any.. ^^
The conlusion is.. This world,seems like, is most nearly to a blog.. :P
PLUS if you want to ask something.. I'll try to help.. XD
and If you want to subscribe and want me to do the same for you,please tell me.. ^^
Because that is kinda advantageous for both us,and learn together.. :D
In fact,some people in TheO,only sub for a time,then unsub for their advantages.. OMG.. That's not fair!!


Hi all~
I've been so loong not updated my theOtaku and so my deviantart~
Somehow, I felt like, I maybe cannot updated theO and my DA after August..

Why? Because I'm going to college after August (well.. Yeah~ It's been a loong time I enter this site,maybe around 2009)..
I will be a medical student this August
Thanks to you all for your attention and keep it your love for anime, manga and Japanese stuffs :)

I won't loose touch with you guys~ since you all make me love design and photoshop soo much ^^
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twitter : @stangel139
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My Oh My..

My.. It's such a long - long time ago,I open this website..
Not because I abandon you.. Not because I hate you(NO ),
but because I'm very busy.. I'm so so so sooo sorry..
I'd love to serve you better art, but my photoshop is cheating on me!
My photoshop 4 was inside my laptop, when suddenly my laptop error tooo....
Not just that, my computer which has photoshop 3 is being repaired bacause of err.. the mechanic says, blue screen.. <:3

~So, don't be sad, I'll back, and I'll maybe submitt some of my hand drawings here, since I haven't done it very well.. ^^

I BACK! :D :D :D

Anyway, check out on my blog at http://mintserenity.blogspot.com/

How to make wallpapers.. XD

Well, Simple I make it by using only from brushes and stock photos. Before doing anything, Pick a character to whom you want to represent the character within.. That time, I was thinking of my close friend AdoreDog,so I catch u...

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From Simple to Outstanding

Hi all!
One of my friend has asked me how to make a good wallpaper..
Even though,I still a little not too good at some wallpapers.. ^^

We will go together step by step,
Are you ready?? XD
So here is some tips..
1. Find some resources of nice graphics or pictures
You can find it everywhere in internet
It includes a simple thing like landscapes
You can find it mostly at http://www.deviantart.com/

2. Develop some of ideas in your mind,what the wallpaper you want to create,looks like
This stage needs some touch of imagination..
(Just like Spongebob?? Tee Hee)

3. Try to combine your ideas with the graphics you found in step 1..

4. This is the artistic step!!! XD
Use brushes to complete the pretiness of your wallpaper..
The renders are from:
However,I kinda avoid this step now,because,A good art mades from natural things(become a photomanipulation then),so it becomes more harder,and worthy to the creator..
~Some people usually happy,and proud to them self,how they were able to create a very good wallpaper,but the wallpaper's beautiness was innatural(my opinion)~
But,every choice youi made is really up to you..

5. Bla Bla Bla.. LOL.. XD
Add every worthy part to make it nice,Pal!!

6. The essential thing of a wallpaper...
Don't forget some credits!!
Credits is about where you get the resources of images from,the brushes,and so on..
YOu aren't really respecting the creator of the brush and image renderers,and you are a plagiarizer..
Whoa.. It's bad thing,guys...

Well.. Those are my simple things to make a walpaper.. How was that?
I hope you enjoy this.. ^^


Mint Dash

Wallpapers ^^

Some people have asked me how do I make those wallpapers..
Well,the question is quite simple..
Keep practicing.. because from a practice you can know what is good,and not,and there are some useable thing that might help you to make your own creations..
LOL! Let's get it started!!

First of all.. There are some tips of tiny progress that maybe useable for you.. Because I experienced that by my own..
1. Make sure you have some stock photos that able to be knocked out as a *brand new wallpaper* XDD
More commonly,these stocks are about landscapes things..
This is the example of my first wallpaper,that the object put into it..External Image

2. Try to use the brushes things.. Because it is quite usable.. and easy
BUT.. You musn't forget about credits!!
Some people forget about it,and think it as an appropriate one.. ><
Not only that.. They also write the most unmarvelous thing..
OMG.. I hate this things.. XO like.. ______'s Art & Design..
My Opinion:That is very very embarassing plagiriasm if you're not the creator of the brush...!Because you don't own it,and you say it was your design?
If you are the creator of the brush,then,you are free to use it,and say that as your own..
There are many good renders that provides you good stocks and brushes..
Most of all are founded in DA..http://www.deviantart.com/
I don't want to dissapoint you,but..
Some work that are use a tiny details of brushes are better,because they shows the originality of the art you've just made..

So.. I hope you can be better than before..
I'm sorry if I have somekind of annoying thoughts to you.. :3
And,if you want to ask me something,I'll try to help you..
You can PM me,or ask in my portfolio,or else.. ^^

~Mint Dash~
(But,my DA have less wallpaper things instead of TheO.. ><
I have no time to update.. XO)