its my life it may get boring it may even amuse you but im talking about what i want andwhen i want okay?in life the hardest part is getting thruogh the hard friends here really care and ill care as much as i can if you need support.we may be far from each other or just around the corner but otakus stick together and were all human enough to understand each others pain ....

i am hatsumi1234 mangaka in progress!!!

memories of all ..

Ive been thinking over my life (sorry if it sounds like a fugding chick flick)andthis is the first profile i ever made im happy i have 21 subbers now and tht you all treat me like a friend even if im socially awkward and sometimes talk to much and we pm..thank you every one and i hope to upload more drawings soon since my uncle finally installed a scanner!!!its gunna be mostly drawings from the past year since i donbt draw individual art anymore.and if i ever get my confidence i will upload my bromance myumu and my doujin of shizaya .also if i ever get over this writer's block i shall upload my manga envy..this has been tatatalkn bout with hatsumi1234