its my life it may get boring it may even amuse you but im talking about what i want andwhen i want okay?in life the hardest part is getting thruogh the hard friends here really care and ill care as much as i can if you need support.we may be far from each other or just around the corner but otakus stick together and were all human enough to understand each others pain ....

i am hatsumi1234 mangaka in progress!!!


I've been wanting to post fer a while Kay fer the last week I've had a fever and I missed Monday and Tuesday and but I went to scholwednesday everyone was like where were u and I respond witha a really awful loft kooooofff ahem sichheheheh but now me and my friend frida have a motto Kay it is don't be ugly be gay so tuts it fer today I still gotta a bad loft and stuffy nose but I think ill survive so happy holidays everyone and if you have a ny traditions I wanna know cos I wanna try sumthin new its always the same with my family sooooo also today is my little bros bday he's tenbut wat sums is he's the youngest and my mom can't afford a party so my nana is gonna make him a special dinner tomorrow yummy hehehe so buy bye guys ttyl this has been tatatalkin bout with hatsumi 1234