I got bored =] so i made this world...
and what is the world for?
Just to talk about anime anime... and more anime! ^.^
U never know u might find a new anime that you really like =]
If anyone would like to guest post to talk about an anime show that they really like please tell me

Happy Lesson!

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Description: Chitose shares his house with five ladies. One might think the continued attention of this many girls would be a good thing, but too much attention can prove to be painful. Did I mention they're also instructors at his school (hence the title)? Not only is he the subject of their abuse at home, but at school as well. Even when things finally calm down at night, all the rooms are taken so Chitose must sleep on the couch. info got from AnimeNfo.com ^.^

I don't wanna say anything to ruin this anime... but it is really awesome ^.^ and if u haven't watched it... then it's on youtube! and all the episodes are on it too! I would put it on here... but the vids won't allow me too -pouts- oh well... i like the pit tho ^ Chitose's annoyed face always makes me laugh ^.^