Welcome to the Symptoms' World. Basically, since I don't feel like fixing up my comic, Symptoms, at the moment, but I still want to share my magically fantastical world with all of you, I have created a world to do so. I'm just as good a writer as I am a drawer (actually I'm a much better writer).

In short, Symptoms: of Living in an RPG World is the story of a young Aurora Elf from Glare Island that goes to the Rintusan Mainland to seek Adventure and the mysterious Guild.

What's an Aurora Elf? What is Glare Island? What is the Rintusan Mainland? What is the Guild for? Are you absolutelly insane?

All of these questions will be answered here. So sit back, and look into the depths of the world of Symptoms/the inner workings of my mind.

So if you're new here, I suggest you start by reading the very first post at the very bottom to understand everything going on here. Just a little word of advice~

(Note to everyone out there, everything I write here is from my own imagination. DO NOT STEAL A THING FROM ME OR ELSE!!! I spent years thinking up all of this, and I do not appreciate theives. So basically: Everything in this World (c) Lilyanora)

Who Missed Me?

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I know that secretly you all missed Symptoms. I'm too lazy to do anything decent with it right now, but I made the cover page. Maybe this doodle of Maaren will keep you alive till I actually draw. Toodles~

New Symptoms on the Way?!

For all my lovely followers (though I know there are few of you. I hope to change that eventually), I have a lovely surprise. Well, it might not be lovely but...

I'm going to be re-drawing/re-writing Symptoms. Don't worry, it'll still have the same storyline, with a few things added in. I realized I never explained half of the things I needed to. So other than being more visually appealing... It'll make more sense~

And, it'll have a proper "prologue", which I plan on sharing with you all... RIGHT NOW.

Of Living in a Fantasy World

A Guild is an organization of people with related goals, interests, and skills. They are usually formed for mutual aid and protection. The Mainland has not seen such an organization since before the Great War...

Adventurers gathered together in these Guilds for their own reasons, but in the end it was all the same. Lust for knowledge, power, wealth, and adventure.

Here, we all have the same disease…

But what are your symptoms?

Haha~ Well I'm working hard, and with my lovely tablet (my dear Schemer Bevroren Lace) I should be able to get a few pages up by the end of the month. Of course... school's ending and all of my work is being crammed into the last couple weeks! Ahh! but I will survive!

(So if anyone has ideas for cover designs... let Lily here know... I'm so clueless ahh! I'll submit some nice Symptoms art soon too~)

New Creature?: The Faceless

I was testing out the new prismacolor pens I got the other day. I figured they'd be good for inking and such. I like the larger one more than the smaller one. Maybe I should find an inbetween size... cuz the large one is too big...

ANYWAYS. I came up with a new creature for the world of Symptoms. I don't know how I'll pull them into the story but... I'll come up with something or other. It is called The Faceless. During the day, The Faceless are intangible, and the only thing you can see is it's mask and its cloak. At night, you can see its whole body.

Its skin is stretched so tight against its skull that well... it just looks like its skull for the most part. Its arms are very thin, but a thin shadowy membrane hangs from its arms, almost like wings, but the Faceless cannot fly. Its tail and jaws are really the only way it has to protect itself. But, despite their appearance, the Faceless are basically a very peaceful race, and don't normally harm others.

Oh and every "mask" is different for each Faceless. And they live on Waning Crescent Island in the Hazelands. (I know you don't know where that is... I'm working on a map though ><)

Another note: I'm thinking of making a glossary of sorts of creatures, places, and characters in the Symptoms world. I don't think I'll put up the info on them, but I'll put up the pictures. Probably in a fan comic, but I could put some tidbits of info on the pictures here. So look forward to that!

Intense Ideas/Plotlines

Ghaa.... Ijust came up with the most intense idea in the world.

Basically, it gives Symptoms a plot. I just have to figure out how to make it work.


But I can't tell you about it yet. Cuz I don't want to give it away.

This is me just ranting about how I'd love to draw more of symptoms, but I'm too lazy and unmotivated. EVEN THIS INTENSE IDEA ISN'T ENOUGH TO MOTIVATE ME RIGHT NOW. But it's okay. I'll do something sooner or later. You can always count on that.

(maybe writing out Symptoms as a story would be a better idea? Who would read it if I did? *knows that no one will comment, because Lilyanora's not that popular on theO*)

Upcoming Character?

Yeah I haven't posted any Symptoms in a while, but I've been working on the storyline. Title says it all really. The person who's turned around is our upcoming character. She has a name, and a character class, but I'm not telling you yet. Maybe as I update more Symptoms I'll drop some more hints on her here.

Freaky Zombie/Spider legs thing is another upcoming character/monster. Really dangerous one that this upcoming character is bound to end up fighting. Of course, there are pleanty more monsters for her to go off and face, cuz thats just the sort of person she is. ^^

And she's not the only upcoming character! I have one more but he doesn't have a character design yet. So just wait and see~