Hi! I really only make wallpapers, but i do have a sister who can draw. I mostly like Bleach, Naruto, Black Cat, DNAngel, and Fullmetal Alchemist. I only read the mangas usually. Some of my favorite anime movies are Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away. I read alot and play videogames on my outdated gamecube, my favorite of which is Tales of Symphonia, hence the name. I also like Zelda games and Final Fantasy.

Jak and Daxter

Jak and Daxter has been introduced to me recently (via my borrowed PS2) and they are such a fun series of games! I'm so happy Jak finally got a voice in the second one ^_^


NO MORE SCHOOL!!! the last thing i had to do was to play at graduation for the seniors! Now i play the piccolo! YAY!

more PS2 fun

i get to play the .hack series of games for ps2 cause my friends are just nice like that! i also just recently started kingdom hearts 2 with them...ITS SO AMAZING!!! TEH WIN!!!

OMG playstation

I'm borrowing a playstation 2 from one of my friends and now im really into Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantsy 12. I've only gotten partly through KH1 and so far in FF, Balthier is my favorite with a close second, Fran. I WANNA MAKE WALLPAPERS!!

Sprig Break/ Summer

Yay, spring break is almost here. I'm taking a trip to New York with our band, and its going to be awesome (marching band in a cathedral :P)! I also just found out that i'm going to be able to go to San Japan anime con this summer. OMG! We get to go for all 3 days and me and Tsukasa are cosplaying the whole time. This is going to be my 3rd anime con and my 3rd time cosplaying, the first time i was Elana, one of the Turks, and the second i was Zelos from ToS. This time we are going as Trinity Blood characters, Tsukasa is going as Able and i'm going to be Noel! Tsukasa has decided that our group will be known as the Cupcake Crusaders (an inside joke involving Abel and the evil sprinkle cupcake). She even made us a website O.O. Its been a while since i've made stuff, but with classes and such i've been really busy lately....