This is my first world.

In Syallow's Best Damn Life, you'll meet some problems or any damn things that I share.

You could post anything in here. It's free, let it out your problems. Share it to the world about your worries, your thoughts, your life, anything! I guarantee it's a good thing to avoid stress

Well the bad thing is: It looks like a runaway blog, isn't it?

*Now I'm Learning About Guest Poster or Whatever It's Called Since I'm New*

If you want to post, just message me. It's simple. There's only one rule: Don't use this to insinuate someone from theOtaku. I don't want any fighting in my world...

So, happy reading.... & posting


When everything goes wrong

What would you do when people see you in lies?

What would you do when a friend of yours telling a part of your story that never happen?

What could we do? What could we do when people believe your friend's story?

Yes people, that's what happen with me recently. This friend of mine just telling people stories that ain't true.

NOTE: it's not that im running away (or backstabbing my friend), but im asking for advice from you guys to help me... :(

The problem:

So my best friend and I already swore to each other that if somebody talks about me or her, we'll tell each other. No matter what.

Until my other friend told her bad stuff about me, which is actually she's talking about herself. I could only keep my patience on her. Keep smiling, even though it hurts so much.

Then, I've got a phone call from my best friend. She told me that she had a fight with my other friend (who talks bad stuff). She said that she already apologized so many times because of small things, but my other friends won't forgive her.

After that, I've got a message from my other friend, and she said that she's in bad mood and she's kinda apologize.

Bullshit. I know.

I think she tried to use me so I replied her and after a few minutes, she texted me about her wanting to tell me about my best friend's attitude and how much she hates my best friend.

Ah , come on, now she's going to be your victim? No. No I won't let you make me hate her.

I kept quiet when she told me about how bad my best friend is. And from then on, I kept my distance to her.

Today, she said something to people about me and my best friend. She blamed me for interfering with her problem, and she blamed my best friend for being so blurted out.

She's been instigating people about us, and I guess she got a few who agrees. Well, all I could do is shrug and wait. I wanna know who's her next victim.

So PLEASE GUYS! HELP ME, It's a very difficult situation! I don't know what to do!

P.S : Wow, a very long story to tell. But it's all the truth. It's all up to you guys to believe or not. Thank you for reading!!

Hot Head Days

When it's getting the end of term 4th, everything is so wrong.

Anything is wrong, in here, my school my life.

For God's sakes, I know we need time to introspect ourselves for what we've done wrong.

What have I done wrong is:

  • I don't know when to rude and when to be generous. Well sometimes.. Well.. anytime. Ugh I don't know!
  • Everything is pain in the ass even though I always force myself to feel everything is alright.
  • I'm too overpowering on something. I'm an perfectionist. I hate failure and mistakes.
  • When I hate someone, it's hard for me to forgive. A year could do.
  • I don't like seniority, that's why I couldn't understand about it.
  • I swear a lot. That's why I need to keep my mouth fine & clean.
  • I'm a feminist (not an extreme one). I don't like to put my works on boys.

I'll add them later. Oh God, I'm a sinner!! It's going to take forever for me to list this *this is one of my bad attitudes*


Hell of a month

This is the craziest month! All deadlines are in this month! DAAAMN!

My partner is a pain in the ass, always slacking like hell. I just bought a new cd, Hip Hop The 2009 Collection. It's gettin me relaxed and chill a lil bit..

My favourites: Got Money (Lil Wayne ft Tpain), Universal Mind Control (Common), Baby (LL Cool J ft The Dream), Rehab (Rihanna), Livin' A Lie (The Dream ft Rihanna):D

2 CDs about $7.5 , that's quite cheap, very worthy. I'm into Hip Hop thangs now, I usually listen to Metal & Rock (drastically changed ?).

And anyone who has a facebook please add me