Bright, everythings bright. Where am I. Am I dead...I guess so. Afterall that Tiger tore me up very badly. The light hurts my eyes a little;is this heaven. It it is then someone needs to call in a redecorator, because this place is has no detail. It's just white. Am I floating though this cloudy haze. I guess I am;It sure does feel that way. I wonder if Drake is ok.


I slowly lifted my head off of the ground as I recalled what had just happened. At first I was just floating around, surrounded by white light. Then, the next thing I know I am screaming at the top of my lungs and suddenly my face connects with something solid.

Blinking once then twice, I look down. It's the earth.

Well, more like the ground. Looking around, i noticed that I was in an unfamiliar environement. A pasture? Yeah, that was it...the place where cows and other herd animals came to eat. The clouds above floated leisurely as the jet-stream winds above propelled them forward.

With a sigh, I decided to look for Drake; rising to my feet I wiped off any dirt that stained my clothes and traced the now healing cuts that marred my chocolate skin. Taking a couple of slow steps forward to see if I could walk properly, and realising that I could, I began my search for Drake.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! What is this place!" I cried out in fustration.

I'd been walking this damn pasture for half an hour and still couldn't find him, let alone anything else. All there was was grass, rolling plains, the sky with some cumulus clouds, the sun, and more grass. That was it. Nothing else.
No animals whatsoever, I couldn't even find a bird!

"Oh, I would kill for a hawk to fly above or maybe a prairie dog. Wait...this is Japan right? do we even have prairie dogs?" I asked myself.

A deep grimace formed once again on my face as I cried out in frustration again. Lifting my head up to the sky I yelled with all of my might: "DRAAAAAAAAAKE! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! AND WHERE THE HELL AM I?! HOW THE FREAK DO I GET OUT OF THIS GODFORSAKEN PLACE?!"

I proceeded to kick the ground forcefully, and dust flew up in medium-sized clouds.

"You are being very childish right now. I expected something different from a guardian" A female voice purred.

I whipped around so fast that I thought I broke my neck for a moment. There lying in the green grass behind me, was the very VERY large tiger that mauled me.

"Am I dead? If I am, then I must be in pergatory or something...dammit I knew I shouldn't have sneaked that cookie out of the cookie jar!" I stopmped my feet firlmy albeit a little petulantl against the ground. Why do the good have to die young so soon?

"Mmmhhmmmmmhhhhmmm" The big cat chuckled: "Oh hush dear, you are neither dead nor facing judgment of any kind except that now you must live up to the predenstioned exspectations that have been bestowed upon you and your friend's person."

"You know about Drake!? Where is he, oh my god is he hurt! I swear if you had so much as hurt a hair on MY drake's head i'll..."

"Relax child, relax. I have not inflicted bodily harm of any kind on the boy you desire and care deeply for." The tigress replied with a smug-like look on her furry face.

"Come with me."

And with that said the large tigress rose to her paws and began to walk away.

"Uh hey wait a minute." Kit mumbled out audibly as she trailed after the big cat, trying to catch up.

"I said wait Dammit!"

The tigress chuckled as she turned her head to see if Kit was still following her. And indeed she was.