Gruesome Departure

"Jeez, what a girl." Drake mutters under his breath.He had tried to find Kit wihout mush luck, and was beginnig to worry. Suddenly, a shout of pain broke through the silence of the path.

"Kit!" Drake shouts as he run toward the noise.

The sight that he was met with as he rounded the corner, made his heart stop.
'W-what the hell...' A blue tail lashed out at him, causing him to duck. The fear that he felt was indescribable. How could something out of japanese mythology be standing right in front of him, staring him down with blank-white eyes? But yet there it was. The oriental dragon growled lowly as its whiskers flowed on the side of it's nostrils as its jaws hung open.

Another pained cry cut through the tension and made Drake spring into action.

The blue dragon intercepted his movements and Drake was brought to his knees with a painful swipe to the head. Warm blood oozed out of the cut and into his right eye; he grunted at the weird and uncomfortable feeling


The sound of a body being dragged on the ground made Drake look forward, and with his left eye he was able to make out a large tiger with Kit, bloody and torn, in its jaws.

Drake was too shocked to say anything as he made to stand, but was harshly pushed back down to the ground. A tremendous pressure was being exerted on his entire back, as the clawed foot of the dragon held him down.

Turning his head to look at the creature, he was met with a growl as iron jaws clamped down onto his neck.

The whole world became black as blood stained the ground.