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Bright, everythings bright. Where am I. Am I dead...I guess so. Afterall that Tiger tore me up very badly. The light hurts my eyes a little;is this heaven. It it is then someone needs to call in a redecorator, because this place is has no detail. It's just white. Am I floating though this cloudy haze. I guess I am;It sure does feel that way. I wonder if Drake is ok.


I slowly lifted my head off of the ground as I recalled what had just happened. At first I was just floating around, surrounded by white light. Then, the next thing I know I am screaming at the top of my lungs and suddenly my face connects with something solid.

Blinking once then twice, I look down. It's the earth.

Well, more like the ground. Looking around, i noticed that I was in an unfamiliar environement. A pasture? Yeah, that was it...the place where cows and other herd animals came to eat. The clouds above floated leisurely as the jet-stream winds above propelled them forward.

With a sigh, I decided to look for Drake; rising to my feet I wiped off any dirt that stained my clothes and traced the now healing cuts that marred my chocolate skin. Taking a couple of slow steps forward to see if I could walk properly, and realising that I could, I began my search for Drake.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! What is this place!" I cried out in fustration.

I'd been walking this damn pasture for half an hour and still couldn't find him, let alone anything else. All there was was grass, rolling plains, the sky with some cumulus clouds, the sun, and more grass. That was it. Nothing else.
No animals whatsoever, I couldn't even find a bird!

"Oh, I would kill for a hawk to fly above or maybe a prairie dog. Wait...this is Japan right? do we even have prairie dogs?" I asked myself.

A deep grimace formed once again on my face as I cried out in frustration again. Lifting my head up to the sky I yelled with all of my might: "DRAAAAAAAAAKE! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! AND WHERE THE HELL AM I?! HOW THE FREAK DO I GET OUT OF THIS GODFORSAKEN PLACE?!"

I proceeded to kick the ground forcefully, and dust flew up in medium-sized clouds.

"You are being very childish right now. I expected something different from a guardian" A female voice purred.

I whipped around so fast that I thought I broke my neck for a moment. There lying in the green grass behind me, was the very VERY large tiger that mauled me.

"Am I dead? If I am, then I must be in pergatory or something...dammit I knew I shouldn't have sneaked that cookie out of the cookie jar!" I stopmped my feet firlmy albeit a little petulantl against the ground. Why do the good have to die young so soon?

"Mmmhhmmmmmhhhhmmm" The big cat chuckled: "Oh hush dear, you are neither dead nor facing judgment of any kind except that now you must live up to the predenstioned exspectations that have been bestowed upon you and your friend's person."

"You know about Drake!? Where is he, oh my god is he hurt! I swear if you had so much as hurt a hair on MY drake's head i'll..."

"Relax child, relax. I have not inflicted bodily harm of any kind on the boy you desire and care deeply for." The tigress replied with a smug-like look on her furry face.

"Come with me."

And with that said the large tigress rose to her paws and began to walk away.

"Uh hey wait a minute." Kit mumbled out audibly as she trailed after the big cat, trying to catch up.

"I said wait Dammit!"

The tigress chuckled as she turned her head to see if Kit was still following her. And indeed she was.

Gruesome Departure

"Jeez, what a girl." Drake mutters under his breath.He had tried to find Kit wihout mush luck, and was beginnig to worry. Suddenly, a shout of pain broke through the silence of the path.

"Kit!" Drake shouts as he run toward the noise.

The sight that he was met with as he rounded the corner, made his heart stop.
'W-what the hell...' A blue tail lashed out at him, causing him to duck. The fear that he felt was indescribable. How could something out of japanese mythology be standing right in front of him, staring him down with blank-white eyes? But yet there it was. The oriental dragon growled lowly as its whiskers flowed on the side of it's nostrils as its jaws hung open.

Another pained cry cut through the tension and made Drake spring into action.

The blue dragon intercepted his movements and Drake was brought to his knees with a painful swipe to the head. Warm blood oozed out of the cut and into his right eye; he grunted at the weird and uncomfortable feeling


The sound of a body being dragged on the ground made Drake look forward, and with his left eye he was able to make out a large tiger with Kit, bloody and torn, in its jaws.

Drake was too shocked to say anything as he made to stand, but was harshly pushed back down to the ground. A tremendous pressure was being exerted on his entire back, as the clawed foot of the dragon held him down.

Turning his head to look at the creature, he was met with a growl as iron jaws clamped down onto his neck.

The whole world became black as blood stained the ground.

The Years Later On...

"8th grade 8th grade 8th grade!" cried Kit as she jumped up and down her bed one fine morning.

Most of the past 1st graders were now thirteen and were going to the 8th grade. Some were excited, others...not so much. But needless to say, it was going to be a new experience like no other. Well,not as new as high school would be, but let's stick with junior high shall we?

As Kit jumped up and down on her bed excitedly, she decided to call Drake ad see if he would go to the park with her. Drake, on the other hand,was busy reading his book and planning out the rest of his day in his head. Suddenly, his cellphone began to ring. Sighing, he put down his book,put his plans on hold, and picked up his phone.

"This better be good Kit. I was in the middle of reading a very good book."

"Oh, come off it Drake! Look there's a really cool park opening up today and...well I was wondering if you'd like to you know, go with me?"

"Hmmmmmm, tempting.I guess it will be a good chance for us to be on 'friendlier' terms as our mothers would put it. And it is the beginning of summer so...why not."

Kit smiled. Over the years things had started to cool off between the two of them, and that made going to school with one another a whole lot easier. After conversing a little bit more, Drake said he would get ready and meet her there.

"Ok, I'll see you there! Bye!"

Hanging up, Drake decided to get ready right away since they had scheduled to meet each other at noon. Meanwhile, Kit rummaged through her closet looking for her favorite blouse. *thump* Kit gasped. 'What was that' she wondered, but ignored it in the end, figuring it had to be a cat or something outside. Little did she know, there was something sitting in the tree outside of her house. Growling lowly, it jumped out of the tree with impressive speed and made its way to the park.

"Kit!" Drake yelled as the cold yellow liquid almost made contact with his clothes.

"Sorry, I guess your face looks funnier than I thought." she snickered as Drake shot her a glare.

"Well at least I don't still spray my bed with yellow liquid when I sleep." Drake retorted. A triumphant smirk planting itself on his lips.

The look on Kit's face clearly showed her outrage. Puffing out her cheeks childishly, she turned her back to drake and dug her fingers into the red and white picnic blanket.

Drake cooed at her mockingly as he jabbed her side with a stick. Flipping him the bird, Kit got up and dusted herself off as she walked away.

"Don't get lost little girl, It would be a pain in the butt to have to come and find you" Drake called from the background.

Grumbling under her breath about know-it-all boys and there bastard-like ways, Kit failed to notice the silence around her.


"Who's there!" Kit demanded quickly, as she was snapped out of her thoughts.

A low growl sounded in the bushes. Because she was upset, Kit was unaware that she had ventured deep into the park woods!

Wasting no more time, Kit took off sprinting towards the other side of the park and away from whatever was stalking her. Heaving footfalls pounded behind her as she franticly called out for help.

Suddenly, she was thrown to the ground as her foot caught on an unearthed tree root. Scrambling to her feet, Kit grabbed a fallen branch and swung at the creature in a vain attempt to protect herself.

Grabbing hold of the stick in its mouth the tore it out of her grip and pushed her to the floor with a swipe of its paw. As Kit looked up at the animal, she came face to face with a tiger.

The Autumn Long Ago...

Note: This is an original story created by me,Chininja. It is not an OC, or any that has to do with an anime series and or manga for that matter. Enjoy!

Friday,October 30,18th century France

The night was cool.The songs of the evening fowl, insects, and amphibians. The calls of the wild beasts filling the air with music. The laughter of a teenage girl could be heard along with the husky chuckle of an adolescent boy. Both were chasing the fireflies that glistened and glowed in mid-air. How ethereal was the night, how sweet was the sound.

"Xinia,tell me, how is it that one so small and beautiful, can be so strong and so fierce... when she needs to be?" Kale asked lovingly.

Looking up at the boy she had grown to love, she replied:"Because, I am both human and wolf combined." she replied.

Kale nodded his head understandingly as he held his lover in his arms. Xinia sighed against his muscular frame. His caramel hand brushed the side of her chocolate face. Her forest green eyes locked with his crystal blue ones, as his soft but firm lips touched hers. As the kiss deepened, Xinia pulled Kale down with her on to a soft patch of grass.

"Kale", she breathed.

At the sound of her voice, Kale's fangs grew out and dug into the flesh of her neck. Retracting them from her neck, he began to drink the blood that flowed out. Grasping on to his long raven hair, Xinia pulled Kale towards her. A deep growl escaped their throats, as they ripped at each others clothes.

Ah yes, that day was not only a day before All Hallows Eve, but a day that two lovers who wished to be free from the darkness, clutched the crosses on their necks, and prayed for a happy life together...as husband and wife. That was an autumn long ago...but all autumns must give way to a bitter cold.

Satuday,December 28,18th century France

The villagers flooded the small castle, killing and being killed by any of the creatures that they found in there, whether they be half-human or walking undead corpses.

"You must go! They will kill us both, so it is better if one dies before the other...and I would gladly take that role."

"Kale you can't!" Xinia cried.

Both spouses stared at each other, and at that moment, in the grey castle corridor...among all the madness, time seemed to stop. But if only for a moment, then it came back into play.

Kale pulled Xinia in for a final, good bye kiss then....for a hug.

"We will meet again, I promise you." he whispered lightly in her ear.
"Now you must leave. Go Xinia! Now!"

The villagers continued to run through the castle,searching for any more of the creatures.A group of them had cornered Kale in a room.

"You humans have no idea what your up against!" he snarled.

In the blink of an eye,half of the men were tossed all over the room;their blood oozing out of their bodies in streams, while their screams were wrenched from their lips.

Xinia made her way out into the fields, and made a dash towards the woods. All of sudden, a gunshot rang out. BANG!

"Aaaaaaaahhhaaaaa!" Xinia cried out in pain, as a hot bullet lodged itself within her shoulder.

Hearing her scream, Kale became distracted. He didn't notice when one of the men, wielding a mallet, smashed open the black stained glass window.Hot sunlight flooded the room in a heartbeat and trained itself on Kale. His skin began to smoke until it burst into flames and became ash.

"Xiniaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" he cried out in pain as he faced his inevitable death.

Xinia collasped to the ground in pain and horror as she heard ,felt, and knew her lover had just died. She clutched at her stomach in understanding, as she felt the little life within her express its grief over the loss of its father.

The mob of villagers chased Xinia into the woods. She ran effortlessly even though she was injured. She ran out of the forest into a clearing, only to be faced with a cliff.

The cocking of a gun could be heard behind her. Xinia turned around sharply to face the man. Bang! The gun was fired;bullet whizzing past her. She grabbed the gun and bent it the other way, then she threw the man far back into the forest, his screams trailing after.

More of them arrived, and Xinia fought as valiant as she could. But, for one split moment she froze, as a small boy came out of the forest crying out to his father-the man that Xinia was clutching by the neck.

"Please, don't kill my papa! S'il vous plait!" the boy pleaded.

'I don't want to take someone away from this child' she thought, as she dropped the man.

Bang! The world went black. A bullet to the head...sudden death. But, not sudden enough. Xinia was still conscious enough to feel herself fall off the cliff,drift through the air for a short moment, before her body collided with the cold sea.As she sunk to depths below,three thoughts crossed her mind: I wish I could have lived long enough for my child to be born.God have mercy on our souls;may he see that we are good souls in the bodies of monsters and may he let us in through the gates. Oh Kale, I know we will be together once again...forever.

Xinia closed her eyes as she hit the deep bottom, and allowed the darkness to consume her body. The three souls... followed the light.
That was a long,autumn ago...

But,this story should not end with a tragedy ,now should it!

Monday, September 24, 21 century (2010) Somewhere in Texas...

"I can't believe that summer vacay went by so bloody fast!" replied Olive.

"Hello,Xini! Are you listening to me?"

"Uh, yeah. Just hold on a sec...I am going to go say hello to that guy over by that cafeteria bench." replied Lex

Ooooo Lexini! You sly girl!" cheered Olive;combing her blond hair with her fingers.

"Don't be such a Brit Olly."Lex chuckled.

"Oh but I am a Brit. And besides what are best friends for?"

"Be, right back."

"Okay! I'll be waiting! Don't be late for tea time!" Olive laughed.

Lex made her way towards the bench where the boy sat. Her wallet chain bouncing of her jeans as she walked. The boy's hair was short with small soft spikes framing his caramel face, with sky blue eyes. Green eyes met blue.'He has a wallet chain too, as well as a cross.' she thought.

"Hello, My name's Caleb. What's yours?" He said it in such a way, that it would seem as if he was remembering something...from long ago.

Hello, My name is Lexington.My friends sometimes call me Xini...but uh, you can call me Lex." A strand of her long dark brown hair fell over her shoulder.

He smiled, fangs white and glistening. "would you like to join me for dinner sometime?"

She smiled, canines sharp and pearly. "I'd love too."

The Vampire and the Werewolf were together again in another life.
Another autumn that was not so long ago...anymore.

Moving Forward

Going home was like a blessing in disguise for some of the 1st graders, as they flooded out of the school building and into the loving hands of their parents.
"Mommydaddymommydaddymommydaddyyourhere!" cried Kit excitedly as she ran to her parents.
Even Drake, who was known for his sometimes formal behavior,ran to his parents in a short burst of excitement. His mother laughed lovingly as his father stroked his platinum blond hair. Kit stuck her tongue out at drake in an antipathetic manner.
"Kit!" her mother exclaimed. "That's not very nice you should apologize".
Kit looked up at her father in horror. Her father gave her a knowing look, but shrugged his shoulders.
"You know the rules Kit-Kat, if you want to send your rival a message...you should do it discreetly" he replied jokingly.
"That is not the right thing to be telling kids, witty but no" Kit's mom replied matter-of-factly. "You should be nice to people to the best of your abilities...unless their being completely unreasonable, then you don't be mean, you must be firm" she stated proudly.

"Well that's quite alright,Mrs. I am aware how some girls can be and as long as it's playful right? I am sure kit meant no harm....right Kit?"
Kit hadn't noticed that Drake and his parents had walked over, until she felt a harp pinch on her backside.
"Right!" she replied quickly, more interested to find out where the pinch had come from.

As the children said their goodbyes to one another, Drake walked over to where Kit sat the swings, saying her goodbyes to some of the girls.
"Kit" he addressed her in a charming voice.
One of the girls giggled and with a tiny 'goodbye Kit' ran back to her parents, along with the other girls, leaving Kit all alone with Drake.
"You messed up my favorite shirt you know". This was not a question.
"So what!? I am glad it's messed up, you messed up my flowered green blouse too." she shot back at him with a pout.
"That I did" he said thoughtfully. He began to walk away back to his parents, when after a moment he said:I hope you enjoyed the pinch, see you tomorrow.
When Kit finally registered what he had said he had already made it back to his parents.
"Kit, come on we're going home now!
Kit sat there on the swing for a moment, watching Drake leave with his parents. It was as if he was beginning to see him in a new light. She finally got up, dusted of her black pants, and ran back to her parents as soon as she heard the calling for her again.
"Coming!" she called out.
The evening sky began o descend upon the school yard, until there was no one left, and it was all dark outside with no light, save for the street lamps.