A new beginning


Before you read I just posted a new picture in realtion to this. It has gammer and spelling problems so I'll say sorry now.

Finally it’s over… Goddamn it’s over and I’m finally free…

Damn I don't even know when to start. Well I broke off the friendship I had with my best friend yesterday. We were friends for three years. It was hard and I wished it could have lasted longer (not really) but I had to do what I needed to do.

Friends, a lot of them are here to teach us more then anything, and I learned a lot from this relationship. How crazy people can be, what's a true friend, how I'm stronger then I thought I could be, and how a true relationship work.

The reason why I decided to end the friendship was because she wanted a slave. And lately she’s been a real bitch (god that feels good to say) a spoiled, needy, hypocrite bitch (I’m sorry younger otaku’s but god does that feel good to say). She wanted somebody that would do whatever she wanted and nothing less. She thought I was going to break my back backwards to make her happy the way she wanted it and when I tried to she still wasn’t happy. What the fuck do you expect me to do? Simply what the fuck?

Her view on how a friendship work is warped. She wanted me to give her 100% of me all the time.

Here’s a little back story of our relationship in a nut shell.

I was in 11th grade and she was in the 9th, she would walk pass and stare at me. She did it about three times before she finally came up to talk to me. When she did we hit it off. She gave me her number then I gave her mines. She wanted me to come over her house. She wanted me to be her friend and I rolled with it. Hell, I thought she was cool and we had a lot in common. We had the same inuyasha shirt, Same Kurama poster. It was like we were lost sisters or something. It was crazy. And I was happy that I knew a person that liked the same stuff,we both draw, had the same ideas, beliefs as me. We start house hoping (spending the night at each others house in the same weekend) Hanging out every weekend, even started a comic together, and even cutting classes together (and I didn’t before I met her). Things were great back then.

Then after I graduated and start going to ITT Tech things got a whole lot complicated. We wasn’t in the same school and ITT is like a bazillion miles away from my house (two hours just to travel there each way) and after coming home I didn’t feel like hanging out (writing the comic dialogue, that’s what we did every time we got together 80% of the time no kidding). Then my mom got laid off from work and money got super tight. The house was on the line and I was super depressed and to make it worst my dad totally bailed on my family. By the time my three day school week was done I just wanted to chill out at home by myself.

She came over almost every weekend and I almost never wanted to be bothered but I never told her. I always had open arms rather I felt like the company or not. I was thinking of her all those times and not me. I knew she was lonely at home or wanted something to do so I let her come over. And most of the time she would never call just show up. She used to call before she came over; I have no clue why she stopped. Even never treated her like a second rate person.

I stopped saying yes to her and she always would have mood swings when I wouldn’t do anything to her. That’s a real pain in the ass. Then I am wondering if I did something wrong when I know I didn’t. That’s how it was. We would hang out and have the best of time then she’s pissed the next time for something thatisn’t worth getting pissed over. Like if I don’t call. I’m not a phone person deal with it. If you call sure, we’ll talk all night but I don’t call you because I have nothing to say. Nothing important. Then you come over my house all the time what’s the problem?!

She always felt that I was ignoring her when I wasn't.

Then she thought she knew everything even about me and how I ticked. She didn't like it when I would disagree with her. When I did she would try her best to make it like shes right. And shes so damn closed minded that she would never saw my end of the story. Everytime I would make a point she would counter it.

But the straw that broke the camels back when about a month ago when she said she got the connects to get the comic publish (its no where near done) and I came over the next day to ask her a question and to say that it seems like she doesn’t listen to me and that she thinks she’s right about everything.

She picked my personality apart saying "your too quiet" "I never worked hard on anything" (yet I'm an honor student at school with perfect attendance… the fucking comic we was working on for three years) “you’ll never make it” blah blah blah false assumptions of my life and how I tick.

I let it slide and we hung out as all ways. Then my mom did her hair she said that it was super damage ( my friend was telling me how scewed up her hair was for months because she was being lazy with it and that it broke off). My mom needed to cut off all the split ends but my friend freaked and said no. So my mom just trimed the ends.

A few days later she called ranting and raving on how short her hair was and tried to blame it on my mom. I was trying to talk to her and tell her it wasn't my moms fault. My mom tried to tell her that it gotten that short because her hair was damage but my friend said that she couldn't talk and hung up.

A few days passed and I called her to see if she had my CD. she said no and said "I that all that you called me for?" in a cold tone. I said yeah and she said well I don't have it you got to look for it. I said alright and hung up. Once again she's pissed off for unknown reasons. The hair thing was not my doing and it was no ones falut but your own.

So on tuesday I left school early and called over to see if I could come over since weeks before she was bitching at me I needed to visit her more. She said it was fine.

I came over and she compeltely gave me the cold shoulder the whole time. WTF... I came to see your needy ass because YOU was bitching about me not coming over. Then she was talking about her new friends and stuff. So I'm thinking she want me to be glued to her 24/7 and when I fianlly try to see her she wants to be an asshole.

I went home knowing the friendship was over and couldn't be happier.

The next day I called her to tell her and her mom picked up and was going on how I wasn't nice to her. How you have to do things you wouldn't normally do to please your friends because they expect things from you.

WTF lady...

To be MY friend all you do is have to be A FRIEND. I don't expect no one to change their personaity to be my friend or do any thing speacil. Its easy to please me... Just be a friend and treat me with repesct! That's it! Its that simple!

Then she goes on telling me that I don't talk and I she knows that I be having things to say. How I don't hug her unless she hugs me blah blah blah

I'm not like you, my belifes are different, my view on friendship is totally different, I'm fine the way I was born and no one had a problem till I start saying no to your dauther.

She wanted me to lay down everything I had to make her dauther happy. I don't do that. I'm no rug to step on. I'm no slave to your dauthers desires. I won't change my personaity to please her when SHE wanted to be MY friend.

I'm a loner and don't really seek out friends, or a least try to make people my friends. I don't need anyone to make me happy, I'm fine by myself. I'm my own best friend. So don't think once that I will supply that to someone else.

Really long story short they wanted me to give up 100% of me. But I'm willing to only give up 50%. And yes she did things for me and I did things for her but that wasn't enough. And when I told her how see made me feel like crap she picked my flaws out again, she didn't care. I would try to make my point and She counter it like she would always do and not think for a second think what I was trying to say.

For all the bull shit I went throught with you ( and this is only 25% of it if not less)

You can't even see how YOU made ME feel?

Fuck this, gimmie my shit back, please burn in hell, I'm glad your hair is total shit, your a real bitch.

Yeah, thats how it happened (the bare bit of it). I know I'm super harsh ( with all the cussing and stuff) but thats how I feel. She's no friend of mine anymore.

Now to close this chapter of my life for good I need to get my stuff back. And she want to be an ass about that too.

I want this to end NOW. Why try to hold my shit hostage. I'll get it, leave and jump for joy how your some elses problem.

And if you read the whole thing you can get a super cookie from me and a free pencil drawing from me :).