My SS List

Yo Santa, my list is pretty much the same as my last list (x-mas 2011). Being totally honest, I have no idea what to ask for beside those things I have there, so bear with me haha!

Okay besides the requests I have down there the things I love in general is the following: pink, ruffles, sweets, girl clothes, furries, pastel colors, hearts, stars, crystals, shiny stuff, boys love/yaoi (cough), angels, fairy tales and things that are related to it. I also like dark things as well especially if it has a touch of cute to it. If anything look at my gallery and you'll pretty much see what I like haha!

If you don't like super girly stuff or my requests you can change things around to suit your tastes or just draw whatever your comfortable with. Okay now on for the requests.

Here are some movies that I love:

Big Hero Six HiroxBaymax
Raise of the Guardians (especially anything Jack related)

A picture of my heart shugo chara with a lot of ribbons and hearts in the picture. Make her adorably chibi and cute.

A picture of my heart break mode fursona, but don't make the eyes so scary looking. XD I hate the way they look now. Make them more sad and blank. She has a giant paint brush too that she likes to paint with, add that in the picture if you can.

My mascot for my Crafts blog The Candy Sanctuary.

A sweets fairy that has butterfly wings.

My fan Mews especially mew torte, I love maid outfits as well as their mew costumes. You don't have to draw them all by the way, do as many as you want. (I would like to see them all though )

Sailor Mini moon with/without Helios/Pegasus. Something dreamy and really cute.

Kotetsu and Barnaby from tiger and bunny.

I love MLP, I have yet to make a fan pony but if you want please make one sweets themed or anything related to the words up top.

I also love rarity (my favorite pony) from MLP but I love the other's as well!


Loki, Iron man from the avengers

I LOVE the K-pop bang U-kiss I love all the *old members* especially Alex)

I love shinee and Teamin is my favorite haha!

heechul from super Junior


Girls Generation

Girl's day

Okay that's it. I hope you love girly stuff as much as I do and you find my requests fun to do. Sorry for the poor soul that hates this kind of stuff. XD
Thank you Santa!