Opening $10 commissons

10$ sketch commissions

I'm opening 10 dollar sketch commissions you guys! Any kind from head shot to full body, any sketch for 10$ (plus PayPal fee).

  • $5 for each additional characters
  • $3 for added color pencil
  • $3 for added Photoshop background
  • $5 special for color pencil coloring + Photoshop background

You must pay before I start

Please give ref/info of your character

I might decide to shade a picture or not, in a anime/soft shading or not. It depends really since I'm not always up for shading a picture (read fear of screwing it up). So you been forewarned. :|


  • anime characters
  • OC’s (please give ref)
  • fan OC’s (please give ref)
  • chibis
  • boy's love
  • Arthro characters


  • porn
  • fetishes
  • huge muscles
  • yuri

If your interested PM me or comment below. Prices are negotiable depending on how many add-ons you choose. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


  • The picture itself is yours but you can't claim that you drew the picture.
  • You can use the picture for personal purposes like avatars, graphics, blogs, wallpapers, and etc but you can't make money off of the picture.
  • I have the right to turn down any commission that I choose.
  • I have the right to add a commission to my online portfolio, websites, blogs, and etc.