Anyone interested in joining contests?

Hey guys! I am starting up 2 new contests.

The first contest is a photography contest. Many people have expressed interest in joining my photography world. For this contest, send me a link to your deviantart account where your photograph is posted. you may submit up to 3. Please don't submit snapshots. Only actual photographs edited or not. The subject matter can be anything (people, animals, scenery, etc). Do NOT submit things like mirror shots or selfies. I will post entries on the photography world.

The second contest is a short writing contest. You may PM me your writing. You can submit a poem, short writing, or both. You may only submit one poem or short writing ( but you can submit one of each). The writings can be no longer than 500 words. I will also post entries.

You can enter both contests. The deadline for all entries is November 1st! I will give out prizes~