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Hello everyone! This is a world where I will post the things I am making [Wallpapers, eCards, icons, GIFs]. I use photoshop for all of my wallpapers. Feel free to ask me via comment or PM whenever you have questions about how to make something!

+Requests are open for Icons and eCards
+Requests are OPEN for Wallpapers

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>>>My icons are open for use UNLESS they are made for a specific person upon request. When they are made as requests, they are specially made for that user and that user alone. If you decide you want something like it, just request an icon~!

anime gif sets for tumblr

Hey everyone! Lately I've been making graphic gif-sets. Since the dimensions aren't right to post on theO (plus the image limit per post), I haven't posted them here. I've made 4 gif sets and posted the picture of the dress I posted on my main blog the other day :) But yes! If you like anime graphic gif sets, that's what I've really enjoyed making lately and I've added them all on my tumblr.

To see them, just click HERE to go to my tumblr page. Follow me and tell me who you are so I can follow back :D Toodles~

Requests Open

Now that it's summer, I am re-opening my requests! Just tell me the character, color scheme, any words or quotes you want on it, and I'll get to it. Here's what I'll make~!

1. Wallpapers
2. Iphone Wallpapers
3. Icons/ GIF icons
4. ecards/ GIF ecards
5. World opening headers (See introduction for example)/ GIF openers also available>> Size: 500x330
6. Smaller gif graphic to go in your intro (See intro for example)/ GIF small openers also available>> Size: 300x150

Last day!

Hey guys~! Just a short reminder that today is the last day to enter my wallpaper challenge: Click here to visit. Thanks for everyone who has already entered!

Card Project

Hey guys, I'm still working on judging the photo and creative writing contest. Thanks for all the entries~! I will host more of those soon.

But first! I am going to hold a 24 day countdown to Christmas personal card challenge. Basically the 1st 24 people to make a request below will receive a "calendar" Christmas themed card from me. I think it will be cute and fun. So! If you want a calendar themed card for Christmas, comment below and tell me which character if you have a preference. I will need to start making the first 10 or 15 because I have final exams and my birthday all at the beginning of December. :) So please requests~ don't be shy.

It is first come first served :) And anyone is welcome to make a request.

1. Gummikidd (Mirai Kuriyama of Kyoukai no Kanata) //click here to see
2. FalseDelusion (sexy Zoro from One Piece) //click here to see
3. Snowzi (Gintoki from Gintama)// click here to see
4. Kyrachan (Misa from Death Note) //click here to see
5. SnowP (Miles Edgeworth from Ace Attorney)
6. Hifsa (Kuroko from kuroko no basket)// click here to see
7. Aryia (Grimmjow from bleach)
8. Clueless101 (Otoya from UtaPri)// click here to see
9. JanetChan (Sawako Kuronuma from Kimi ni Todoke)// click here to see
10. xxArrancarfanxx (Nagisa from FREE!)// click here to see
11. Enigmatic Turk (Apollo from Ace Attorney)
12. WyvernWings (Ayu Tsukumiya from Kanon)
13. Vosh (Aoba from DRAMAtical Murder)
14. Soulanime14 (Jude Mathis from Tales of Xillia)
15. Annieluvskittys (Yuki from Vampire Knight)
16. Kurihara Akane (shurrei kou from Saiunkoku monogatari)
17. toyotami kun(Ledo Ensign from Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet)
18. Apple Pai (Ulquiorra Cifer from Bleach)
19. Keba Si Rota (Greed from FMA brotherhood)
20. Karisan (Matt from Digimon)// clivk here to see
21. Yummy Suika (Eren & Levi from SNK)// click here to see

Photo Contest Winners

Hey guys! Thank you to everyone who submitted Photos! I think there were 10 participants in the end and 29 photos to go through. My sister and I first ranked everyone's photos individually. The top photo from each person was then given points, and here are the top 3!

1st: The fat bird by MangaKid :3 click here to see (The 3rd entry)
2nd: The ridge on the Ocean by Aryia click here to see (The 1st entry)
3rd: Black and White rose by Yuko9kost click here to see (The second entry)

Thank you to everyone who participated! There were so many good ones. I will be making a winter themed photo contest soon too! So be looking out for that~