Short list-type update

Taken from one of the classrooms. That's a different college, not mine.

I finally saw Twilight. Still not sure if I'll give it a proper review on MoRants, since I'm kind of pressed for time. Have already done a crossover Nostalgia Critic-style review for it anyway, I dread the upcoming editing. 2 hours of rants and cutting movie and sound clips *weeps*

Still busy with college. And this is what you get for reading almost zilch all semester, kids. I have a project due Monday, which I haven't even started and haven't even read the materials for. It's only 200 pages, I'll manage.

No "serious" PS work. Aside from the icons I posted a few days ago, I've only been using PS to scan and edit documents for my mom. I sorta got another scanner 2 days ago, which really helped (and using two scanners at the same time is badass). No time or inspiration for wallpapers or cards or anything of the like, though I am hoping to enter at least one e-card challenge in the near future c:

Can't wait for Eurovision! It's kind of a custom of mine to keep away from the songs until the final, so I can hear them all at once. Plus, I watch it with my mom, call it a way of bonding if you will c: I'm really looking forward to discovering more awesome songs and artists! I'm having doubts about Romania's entry - haven't heard the song itself but I'm not that keen on the band, and I'm more interested in other countries' entries -, but I'll be going into it with a neutral mindset anyway.

That's about it for now, I'm more or less a lurker again (see new title) but I'll be popping by from time to time to comment/fave/hug stuff c: Hoping everyone's doing fine, and good luck with exams if you're also going through this! ^_^