Quick post before the void eats me up again!

Hello, hello everyone! I'm (sort of) back for a little while, at least until next week >_< Uni has literally sucked out all creativity and desire to do anything but shoot something in video games. I've missed a lot of birthdays and for that I am truly sorry, I know they were the birthdays of dear friends and I feel really down for not even being there to say a "happy birthday". I apologize again and hope you will (somehow) forgive me for being such a shitty friend yet again *bows*

Uh, to present the situation... This month and especially this last weekend have been positively hectic; homework, an oral and written exam for Spanish, written exam for English, project for Pragmatics, an anthropological study and a museum opening *wheeze*

Furthermore, I'm not sure how things in other countries/colleges work, but here we rely mostly on Yahoo! Groups to communicate and there was a major shitstorm on one of them last Friday because of the date of the English exam; people were complaining that it was supposed to take place on Friday, which is abnormal since most people who choose distance learning either have jobs or a college on the side. Guess who had to fix it? Yup, lil' ol' year rep me. Then an idiot got on my back and I had to deal with her, but the most amusing part was conversing with the ones who were on my side, in private: they were all outraged at how irrational this woman was - long story short, it was a mixture of entertainment and bone-crushing fury. It feels nice to have someone watch your back, though c:

All in all, I'm pooped, stressed, pissed off most of the time and have been known to develop really bad and crude jokes lately. And laugh at stuff only 5th graders would laugh at. And live on a steady diet of Coke and coffee. Yeah, not the best company ._. Is uni taking its toll on you as badly as this?