I always start my posts with a random phrase.

Yesterday I was watching Nostalgia Critic's review of "The Room" again, for maybe the 4th time, and laughing like a loon in my empty house. I scared my cat away a few times too >_> It NEVER gets old. But one would have to be...non-human to NOT laugh at that...thing. Oh, and against my mental notes and warnings, I visited TVTropes, Cracked and Reddit again; there go a few hours I'll never get back. But it was oh so worth it.

I'm still playing Sims 3, trying to NOT have my 11th-generation family be error 12'd to oblivion. And waiting for Pets, which will hopefully entertain me. What with the save file getting to 480 freakin' megabytes and all, the logical solution would be moving the family to a new town and starting over; it's just that I've invested so much in this town and have been playing it for almost 6 generations (had to move from the first one because of the same problem) and I've come to like all the relationships and sims in it ;_; Even though roughly 80% of the town is related to my family and, thus, somewhat inbred. I still love them, though :D
Other than that, I like to pass my time with this:

External Image
Because nothing's more entertaining than shooting Nazis and robot!Hitler.
And priests hurling fireballs out of their crotches. Also, DOS <3

Aside from that, not much has been happening lately. I'm mostly just enjoying my last days of freedom before second year starts, but I've already got some good news: there aren't as many classes as last year and the only class on Friday is English...which I won't be attending because I handed in my CAE and will get a 10 for the entire course without having to step a foot inside that class.

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Naturally, I'm getting it fair and square...and "three-day weekend" has a nice ring to it too, doesn't it? :3