Soul-crushing wallpaper challenge!

Idea stolen (of course), from SaxGirl 8D Except that these themes are mine, even though we may have some in common. I decided to put my own spin on it, and have therefore decided that no female characters are allowed in these walls!
Only 20 themes because I'd die before making 100 (seriously, my lifespan is entirely too short for 100 walls XD).

1. Demonic
2. Sky
3. Fire done!
4. Scenic (very small or non-existent character)
5. Water
6. Painted
7. Perspective
8. Wings
9. Yaoi done!
10. Transforming (literal or metaphorical)
11. Manga (image must be from a manga series) done!
12. Wounded done!
13. Pure nudity
14. Temptation done!
15. Song illustration
16. Reverse
17. Sleep done!
18. Nightmare
19.Ataraxia done!
20. Taboo

Lol, "Yaoi" is pretty useless since I have a feeling at least 80% of these will be yaoi XD