Warning: manga-related rant and e-rage

The manga I'm going to rant about is Animal X: Genshi Sairai, but it also applies to its prequels, Aragami no Ichizoku and Daichi ni Okite. I was originally going to include this rant in the description of my entry for Ritona's Animal KINGdom challenge, but it's gotten too big and I feel it deserves its own special place. That being said, I haven't even made the card, but I'm writing the description. Sense, it makes none XD

I have very mixed feelings about this series, ranging from destructive rage to indifference. Not once did it make me smile or go "aww", even if there were a few situations to trigger those reactions. I'm torn between dropping it altogether and cursing the author for eternity, and continuing just for the sake of seeing it end. What ultimately makes me so frustrated isn't the male pregnancy issue, because that's explained by that character (Yuuji) being a hermaphrodite.

Cool, I can live with that. But when said character is raped more than three times (as far as I know), twice of which result in unwanted pregnancies, and he can still be easygoing and forgiving about it - excuse me, that's too fucking much. In the context of the manga, women in the dinosauroid (creatures with the DNA of dinosaurs, that can also transform into humans) communities are treated as public property, and he certainly doesn't mind it (he is considered a woman since he has the ability to bear children). At times, he downright encourages it.

I don't mind feeling squeamish when reading manga -after all, it's a sign of a good author, most of the time-, but I can't shake the feeling that the rapes are there just for shock value: none of the characters learn anything from them and continue to act stupidly. I was disappointed too, this manga had such promise *sighs heavily*

Kind of reminds me of Haou Airen. Grow a spine/pair, (wo)man! I'm sick of seeing pushovers in manga, moronic big-eyed girls that bitch and moan if their crush ignores them, instead of getting up and doing something about it. I turned over to yaoi because at least that genre has little-to-none stupid teen girl angst/drama, and it's certainly better, but this series annoys me to no end. I like the fact that Yuuji isn't a pansy anymore, but his actions are sometimes so irrational that I feel a physical urge to curse at my computer screen. Actually, no, I'm so frustrated that words won't even come out.

I feel better now c: Feel free to vent out your frustration over stupid mangas/books/movies you've come in contact with, I can empathize. And don't worry, you can keep the ranting and RAAAAGE tone, it's good to vent out your frustration once in a while lol 8D

P.S. No, I don't have some weird fetish with male pregnancy, if you're wondering. This was like a train wreck - couldn't keep from finishing it D: At least I want to be able to bitch freely about the manga without fearing it might redeem itself in the end.