Warning: computer-related rant and e-rage

Mhm, first of all, sorry for not updating in forever, I've been caught up in stuff like uni, playing Sims 3 and making icons :D Believe it or not, I have most updates (cards, walls, posts) opened in new tabs waiting to be commented on, I haven't skipped them. Yeah, I have 40+ tabs open, while also running Sims 3, Photoshop and uTorrent in the background. I'm surprised my PC can handle it.

Speaking of which, I want to throw my monitor out the window. It's acting up again, the image keeps jerking up and down and a lot of lines appear when it has to display darker colors. I've tried to look for an answer on Google but came up with nothing - hell, I don't even know what to search for! So, it looks like I have to shell out $100+ to get a new one. Great.

Worst part is that my mom can't even take it to her company to use it there like we do with other PC components, since it's kaput. Now I'm stuck with using 1360 x 768 as my resolution instead of 1440 x 900; it wouldn't be too bad if the monitor's screen were actually made for that resolution. Now everything looks a bit blurry and stretched, which means I can't work in PS. Weird thing is that I've been having this problem for a while, but it usually went away on its own and usually lasted 2 days at most. Then, after a while, it'd start acting up again out of the blue.

Uh, not much to say apart from this. Here, have some Black Swan icons I made yesterday while trying to resist chucking my monitor out the window.

External Image External Image External Image External Image

Add glitter to the last two ones and they'll look like those crappy obnoxious GIFs you see as backgrounds on MySpace.