Hello, I'm Olivia and currently residing in Romania; around the internet, I mostly go by Pande. I like ranting for hours about things like movies, manga or Photoshop.

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8th of Nov. 2015: For anyone wondering what's happened to me

Simply put, I grew distant from TheO. The fine folks here have nothing to do with it, you all are still amazing (and I feel awful for missing so many birthdays >_<). Tagging on Minitokyo took up a lot of my time, and I gradually found myself visiting TheO less and less, until it got to literally months between visits. Hell, I don't even think I can remember my password, thank God Firefox has the option to save them.

I'm also not that interested in anime anymore - I mean, I like the style and still add to my collection of eye candy, but I don't feel the need to keep up with new releases. I've got my gigs of old manga and am pretty much satisfied with that. Art-wise, the same: haven't felt the drive to pick up or finish a work in months, probably as a result of my passion for anime fizzling out. I'm still playing The Sims 3, and have picked up Doom too (love them custom WADs!).

Anyway, if you made it this far, thanks for the visit. Drop me a line on Minitokyo if you feel like it.
Hope all is well with you, and a huge thanks for the support. Take care.


20th of Nov. 2016: I'm not dead!

Dropping in to mention a few things: as a result of some unpleasant interactions with Mediafire (copyright infringements that weren't really infringements), I've taken down a lot of things, namely vectors and wallpapers. I intend to move them all to Dropbox and scale down my website; I initially wanted to delete it altogether, but hey - maybe someone will still want this stuff. It will take a while, mostly since I don't have too much time to devote to it and it's not a priority.

I'm doing OK, working and dealing with my mental health as well as I can. I won't be back here, though, and have left Minitokyo for good as well. If you ever need to reach me, you can find me on Tumblr. Yes, I've started creating content for The Sims 3 and made a Tumblr dedicated to it! :) As for anime, I've left it behind mostly, even manga - and even yaoi! Now there's something I never thought I'd say XD

If any of my old friends end up reading this - the years together have been great, and I still get nostalgic about them sometimes. Hope life is treating you well!~

Birthday + mega-drawing!

Guys and girls, you are all amazing, seriously. After a tiring day at uni I come home to find my inbox full of comments and gifts and PMs and I'M TEARING UP NOW OH GOD THANK YOU. YOU'RE FULL OF AWESOME AND I WOULD BAKE YOU ALL A BISCUIT CA...

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Fireworks yesplz! [picspam]

This post is the heaviest picspam one I've ever done, but I just couldn't leave out some of the photos. Idea came from Saku, who promised to post pics of firewor...

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Holiday and the likes [warning: picspam!]

Well, now I'm on holiday in Mamaia (Romanian seaside resort) and, fortunately, enjoying sweet, sweet Internet access. Only downside is that I can't really make graphics since the color settings are very different from my monitor and I don't want t...

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Bored of writing the same intro, skipping ahead!

Today was pretty fun, considering the fact that it was supposed to be a day dedicated solely to studying for my Maths exam on Monday ^^" And that's because I didn't study at all! Nico came over and was supposed to help me, but we ended up doing something completely different: somehow, I managed to distract her with the letters Mary (other best friend) and I sent each other 6 years ago 8D To explain it a bit, we had the same English tutor and got to know each other through letters that she would "deliver"...despite the fact that we live across the street from each other ^_^" Yeaaah, not much logic there. It felt strange to re-read them: the first ones were so formal and mostly about school and grades, while the latter ones were very informal and about boys and music :P

Anyway, I came across these because I had to clean my room after some people came and installed new windows. Literally. I took a photo and filtered it a lot so you can actually see what they look like:

One thing that I absolutely hate is that the building is being rehabilitated and workers will be constantly moving up and down floors, outside my window, which means zero privacy =_= For at least a month, if I understand correctly. At least most porn yaoi is manga, so no worries about pants and grunts being heard XD I'm also lucky that my monitor isn't facing the window, though I have a feeling I'll be creeped out to see random people in front of my window (this is the fourth floor after all =3=)

I got another exam result: I passed Management Law with an 8 out of 10! Now if only I studied for it in the first place, I wouldn't have had to retake it =3= Meh, this laziness will be the death of me, if I live 'til 2012 anyway. And to wrap this post up, here are two Koisuru Boukun icons I made; I was going to post them once I'd made more, but it doesn't seem like that'll happen to soon so here they are ^^" I need to pick some projects up again, lately I've been "working" solely for others (challenge entries, gifts, prizes) and neglecting my own stuff, though I do use this excuse to procrastinate since I dread learning to make stuff like fire and water >_< If anyone has tutorials to share, I'd be most grateful.

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Filler post? I think not!

...Or maybe it is, I don't even have the strength to rant anymore. I'm just happy because today I got the results from two exams I had to retake, which I passed! Two more left now =3=

Oh, and I've resorted to lurking these days; I still read posts/see submissions, I just have this overwhelming feeling of laziness and existential crisis...ism from being too repetitive in comments >_> Seriously, my comments are starting to sound like spam, so here's a question: should I revert to my "old" ways, with far less sugar coating and more bitterness serious critiques? I ask because it seems that whenever a post contains the slightest hint of me not liking something, people get all upset that I'm being mean and hateful ._. I'm kind of displeased with myself for always saying I dislike something about someone's work, because I'm 90% sure I come off as an elitist asshole.

Anyway, too much depression for a happy day post, so here's some HP funny (mostly directed at Sol 8D, because the Snape ones literally had me laughing out loud)

Moar awesomeness!