Hello, I'm Olivia and currently residing in Romania; around the internet, I mostly go by Oli and Pande, but you can call me however you want. I like ranting for hours about things like movies, manga or Photoshop and spamming people with GIFs whenever (in)appropriate. Mostly a lurker nowadays, though the frequency I spam everyone with Sailor Moon Screenshots may disprove that. I still reply to PMs, read posts and view artwork, I just don't comment the day they're posted (sometimes it may take up to a month for me to catch up!).
You can also find me on Minitokyo and DeviantArt. Used to be on Animepaper too before it tanked.

Doing ATM: crying tears of blood in anticipation of her dissertation, playing Sims 3 and various shooters
Currently following Game of Thrones, Black Sails, Modern Family, Sailor Moon Crystal and Shingeki no Kyojin.

Likes: cats, yaoi (+ plot, ideally), drawing geometry-based designs, manga, Reddit, organizing everything (and yet having a perpetually messy desk), being alone in her cave home, the pizza her best friend makes
Dislikes: not doing something, whiners, starting projects and dropping them *does it all the time*, morons, communicating for the sake of appearances

Soul-crushing wallpaper challenge! (7/20 done)

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Birthday + mega-drawing!

Guys and girls, you are all amazing, seriously. After a tiring day at uni I come home to find my inbox full of comments and gifts and PMs and I'M TEARING UP NOW OH GOD THANK YOU. YOU'RE FULL OF AWESOME AND I WOULD BAKE YOU ALL A BISCUIT CA...

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Fireworks yesplz! [picspam]

This post is the heaviest picspam one I've ever done, but I just couldn't leave out some of the photos. Idea came from Saku, who promised to post pics of firewor...

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Holiday and the likes [warning: picspam!]

Well, now I'm on holiday in Mamaia (Romanian seaside resort) and, fortunately, enjoying sweet, sweet Internet access. Only downside is that I can't really make graphics since the color settings are very different from my monitor and I don't want t...

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Bored of writing the same intro, skipping ahead!

Today was pretty fun, considering the fact that it was supposed to be a day dedicated solely to studying for my Maths exam on Monday ^^" And that's because I didn't study at all! Nico came over and was supposed to help me, but we ended up doing something completely different: somehow, I managed to distract her with the letters Mary (other best friend) and I sent each other 6 years ago 8D To explain it a bit, we had the same English tutor and got to know each other through letters that she would "deliver"...despite the fact that we live across the street from each other ^_^" Yeaaah, not much logic there. It felt strange to re-read them: the first ones were so formal and mostly about school and grades, while the latter ones were very informal and about boys and music :P

Anyway, I came across these because I had to clean my room after some people came and installed new windows. Literally. I took a photo and filtered it a lot so you can actually see what they look like:

One thing that I absolutely hate is that the building is being rehabilitated and workers will be constantly moving up and down floors, outside my window, which means zero privacy =_= For at least a month, if I understand correctly. At least most porn yaoi is manga, so no worries about pants and grunts being heard XD I'm also lucky that my monitor isn't facing the window, though I have a feeling I'll be creeped out to see random people in front of my window (this is the fourth floor after all =3=)

I got another exam result: I passed Management Law with an 8 out of 10! Now if only I studied for it in the first place, I wouldn't have had to retake it =3= Meh, this laziness will be the death of me, if I live 'til 2012 anyway. And to wrap this post up, here are two Koisuru Boukun icons I made; I was going to post them once I'd made more, but it doesn't seem like that'll happen to soon so here they are ^^" I need to pick some projects up again, lately I've been "working" solely for others (challenge entries, gifts, prizes) and neglecting my own stuff, though I do use this excuse to procrastinate since I dread learning to make stuff like fire and water >_< If anyone has tutorials to share, I'd be most grateful.

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Filler post? I think not!

...Or maybe it is, I don't even have the strength to rant anymore. I'm just happy because today I got the results from two exams I had to retake, which I passed! Two more left now =3=

Oh, and I've resorted to lurking these days; I still read posts/see submissions, I just have this overwhelming feeling of laziness and existential crisis...ism from being too repetitive in comments >_> Seriously, my comments are starting to sound like spam, so here's a question: should I revert to my "old" ways, with far less sugar coating and more bitterness serious critiques? I ask because it seems that whenever a post contains the slightest hint of me not liking something, people get all upset that I'm being mean and hateful ._. I'm kind of displeased with myself for always saying I dislike something about someone's work, because I'm 90% sure I come off as an elitist asshole.

Anyway, too much depression for a happy day post, so here's some HP funny (mostly directed at Sol 8D, because the Snape ones literally had me laughing out loud)

Moar awesomeness!