Hello, I'm Olivia and currently residing in Romania; around the internet, I mostly go by Oli and Pande, but you can call me however you want. I like ranting for hours about things like movies, manga or Photoshop and spamming people with GIFs whenever (in)appropriate. Mostly a lurker nowadays, though the frequency I spam everyone with Sailor Moon Screenshots may disprove that. I still reply to PMs, read posts and view artwork, I just don't comment the day they're posted (sometimes it may take up to a month for me to catch up!).
You can also find me on Minitokyo and DeviantArt. Used to be on Animepaper too before it tanked.

Doing ATM: crying tears of blood in anticipation of her dissertation, playing Sims 3 and various shooters
Currently following Game of Thrones, Black Sails, Modern Family, Sailor Moon Crystal and Shingeki no Kyojin.

Likes: cats, yaoi (+ plot, ideally), drawing geometry-based designs, manga, Reddit, organizing everything (and yet having a perpetually messy desk), being alone in her cave home, the pizza her best friend makes
Dislikes: not doing something, whiners, starting projects and dropping them *does it all the time*, morons, communicating for the sake of appearances

Soul-crushing wallpaper challenge! (7/20 done)

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50 Manga Series Challenge (2013 edition)

I was inspired by the many folk here who decided to challenge themselves by reading so many books in 2013, but added my own little twist to it since I won't be able to read many books this year (though I've already finished one *cough*). I'm aimin...

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Warning: manga-related rant and e-rage

The manga I'm going to rant about is Animal X: Genshi Sairai, but it also applies to its prequels, Aragami no...

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If your life was a movie...

...what would the soundtrack be? ~ taken from hakase-15, with some grammar corrections and some repetitive questions removed XD~ NO cheating whatsoever (really XD). 1. Open Your Lib...

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Totally random and out of the blue :o

Just like it says, I felt like posting! Which is rare, because I usually disappear into the mist and am considered dead and buried until making a glorious, last-minute comeback :D I know, I love it too. Wait *checks date of last post*... Oh my gaw...

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Just say it in broken English...

OK, I promised on my last post that I would post some of my anime OP/ED/songs, and the time has come! I don't have a lot, and most of these are from anime I haven't seen, but...

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