Hello, I'm Olivia and currently residing in Romania; around the internet, I mostly go by Oli and Pande, but you can call me however you want. I like ranting for hours about things like movies, manga or Photoshop and spamming people with GIFs whenever (in)appropriate. Mostly a lurker nowadays, though the frequency I spam everyone with Sailor Moon Screenshots may disprove that. I still reply to PMs, read posts and view artwork, I just don't comment the day they're posted (sometimes it may take up to a month for me to catch up!).
You can also find me on Minitokyo and DeviantArt. Used to be on Animepaper too before it tanked.

Doing ATM: crying tears of blood in anticipation of her dissertation, playing Sims 3 and various shooters
Currently following Game of Thrones, Black Sails, Modern Family, Sailor Moon Crystal and Shingeki no Kyojin.

Likes: cats, yaoi (+ plot, ideally), drawing geometry-based designs, manga, Reddit, organizing everything (and yet having a perpetually messy desk), being alone in her cave home, the pizza her best friend makes
Dislikes: not doing something, whiners, starting projects and dropping them *does it all the time*, morons, communicating for the sake of appearances

Soul-crushing wallpaper challenge! (7/20 done)

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8th of Nov. 2015: For anyone wondering what's happened to me

Simply put, I grew distant from TheO. The fine folks here have nothing to do with it, you all are still amazing (and I feel awful for missing so many birthdays >_<). Tagging on Minitokyo took up a lot of my time, and I gradually found myself visiting TheO less and less, until it got to literally months between visits. Hell, I don't even think I can remember my password, thank God Firefox has the option to save them.

I'm also not that interested in anime anymore - I mean, I like the style and still add to my collection of eye candy, but I don't feel the need to keep up with new releases. I've got my gigs of old manga and am pretty much satisfied with that. Art-wise, the same: haven't felt the drive to pick up or finish a work in months, probably as a result of my passion for anime fizzling out. I'm still playing The Sims 3, and have picked up Doom too (love them custom WADs!).

Anyway, if you made it this far, thanks for the visit. Drop me a line on Minitokyo if you feel like it.
Hope all is well with you, and a huge thanks for the support. Take care.

Absurdly happy!

The last two days can be summed up perfectly in Christian Bale's face:
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Why? Well:
1. I got into the Master's program I wanted, namely International Diplomacy. And for free, too!

2. I was promoted to Moderator on MT.

I feel like I just gained another level in Awesomeness :D
And after all the stress of the last few months, it feels damn good.

I leave for a little while...

And Animepaper is gone :| Really? What happened? Thank god TheO and MT are still here!

In other news, I'm done with one of my theses. There, finito. Not many pleasant memories associated with it, but I still love the topic to death ("How cliches are translated from horror movies to their posters in 2000-2013") and I hope to resume writing reviews and watching more movies. I'm already waay behind on movies and Game of Thrones, and I vow to watch one movie/day this summer! Oh, and read more manga, that 50 manga challenge isn't going to finish itself! ^^"

Tl;dr: I'm alive, praise the lawd! :D
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Quick update: uni drama, life in general

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates lately. I haven't even updated the manga challenge I set for myself - I haven't read anything new either, though, just re-reading old favorites now and then. Lately I feel like I can't focus on anything unless it's for uni and, well, I probably shouldn't since I still have the theses to write, but that can get tiring. Sometimes I feel like time's going by so freaking fast, it's like not even two days pass for me after I reply to someone's message but I realize it's actually been 4-5 days when I look at the time! Time's the same for everyone but, yeah, sometimes I feel like I get less of it XD

So what I do to relax is play Wolfenstein 3D, Quake or Sims (which has been crashing so often it's become a source of stress instead, yay). Not even opening Photoshop, save for editing scans of courses and texts for seminars. I'll have to read some tutorials to get back on track after all this is over XD But I still visit TheO fairly often and read posts and I'm really enjoying the high quality wallpapers that have been posted lately!

Aside from that, I've had a serious argument with a few friends from uni. Don't know if I've mentioned it before, but one of them left for Holland last year on a 6-month scholarship and, naturally, we had to adjust in order to fill that gap in our group. When she returned, well, she kept saying that she made lots of friends there, loved it more over there and that she felt "trapped" here. Things had been pretty shaky since then, but it all blew up about a week ago, and all because of a trivial reason (she misinterpreted a reaction of mine that wasn't aimed at her anyway). Thankfully, it didn't get too nasty (we're still kind of civilized), but she refused to talk it over in person and settled for the internet ._. There're lots of background details I won't go into since I don't want to appear overly subjective, but her behavior left me speechless at first because I couldn't understand her and, honestly, expected more of her and considered her more mature.

Bottom line is the big group was split in two; my group has two more other people whom, frankly, I consider awesome and whom I'd love to keep in touch with after uni. The others...not to much. And it hurt a bit when this girl said she wasn't interested for "a shoulder to cry on" and just wanted "someone to have fun with"...after complaining that we weren't paying enough attention to her ._.
The drama was kind of fun to observe, though XD And a fitting example of this:
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Hiatus notice (seen coming a mile away)

You all knew it had to happen. It was inevitable, so all that was left for me to do was go online and announce it XP I'm afraid I don't know when I'll be able to come here, so I'm leaving this notice in case you don't see or hear anything from me for months (I'll try to reply to messages and comments ASAP, though). I'm busy with uni most of the time, and when I get home I have a tiny hour to relieve some of the stress by playing Sims 3, then it's off to bed. Art projects are on indefinite hold as well, I don't feel inspired to work on anything ATM and if I started something new I'd probably delete my entire WIP folder out of frustration by the end of the day XD

On the plus side, I've been working on my thesis on American film posters in 2000-2012; I'm currently writing about Horror films and I'm having a lot of fun with it! Though I don't know how others can write whole sections, one day I'm working on one section and the next I put it aside and start another one XD I've set the rule of writing one page per day so I'll be done in about two months, give or take a few days (I have to write around 60 pages in total, though by the looks of it I'll end up writing more XD) Depending on how much nausea the sight of it gives me after finishing it, I may translate it into English too (I hate struggling with translating certain terms, the whole thing is gonna be full of italics and quotation marks anyway~).

So what have you all been up to? Any theses, projects or other school-related woes in your lives?

P.S. Fringe is ending next week. The feels. *cries*

Weeaboo Test

Stolen from Blue Latte :) [x] You've seen at least one anime. [x] You've read at least one manga. [x] You watch anime/read manga on a regular basis...

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