I got bored of the previous long-ass intro, so here's a new one, simple and to the point...mostly.

Hello, I'm Olivia and currently residing in Romania; around the internet, I mostly go by Oli and Pande (from another username), but you can call me however you want. I choose to rant for hours about things like movies, manga or Photoshop and like to make internet jokes, because I'm hip. I also have a tendency to go on unannounced hiatus at random times; however, I'm still around since "hiatus" means "lurking" to me - I couldn't possibly leave TheO for good :P I still reply to PMs, read posts and view artwork, I just don't comment the day they're posted (sometimes it may take up to a month for me to catch up!) Don't take it personally; I have nothing against you, it's just a bad habit of mine that I can't get rid of ^^"

Doing ATM: living an uneventful life, reading yaoi, playing Sims 3

Likes: cats, yaoi (+ plot, ideally), drawing geometry-based designs, manga, Reddit, organizing everything, being alone in my cave home, HTML & CSS, the pizza my best friend makes
Dislikes: not doing something, whiners, eggplants, starting projects and dropping them *does it all the time*, morons, communicating for the sake of appearances
Movies: The Prestige, The Wall, Hot Fuzz, The Descent - I'm a movie buff, so I like a lot
Music: anything that sounds good; almost everything, but metal in particular (HIM, Rob Zombie, Dimmu Borgir), Pink Floyd, E Nomine etc.
TV: Game of Thrones (up to date), Pretty Little Liars (up to date), Twin Peaks (starting out)
Artists/Mangaka: Benjamin, Bohra Naono, Green Glass, Kai Asou, Midori Foo, Miwa Shirow, Nitro+, Saika Kunieda, Shin Mizukami, Yoshiki Nakamura, Yuki Yoshihara, Yugi Yamada etc.
Reviewers: The Cinema Snob, Linkara, Todd, Rap Critic

Soul-crushing wallpaper challenge! (5/20 done)

50 Manga Series Challenge (2013 edition) (2/50 read)

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Icon drawn by me | background: "Alchemy" by Anton Reponnen

Warning: computer-related rant and e-rage

Mhm, first of all, sorry for not updating in forever, I've been caught up in stuff like uni, playing Sims 3 and making icons :D Believe it or not, I have most updates (cards, walls, posts) opened in new tabs waiting to be commented on, I haven't s...

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