Hello everyone my name is Steven "Spectre" Reigns, I spent for 7 years in the U.S. Army, trained in Special Forces and I am still currently employed as a Security Contractor for a Private Military Company. I received training for every type of warfare on the planet, Arctic, Urban, Desert, Jungle, Maritime, in a multitude of countries including Russia, Canada, Grenada, and Israel just to name a few. I have a healthy knowledge of survival tactics and love outdoor survival as a hobby.

The first thing I ever learned about survival is you don't have to die in war, you can step into the street and be hit by a car, when this happens, ask yourself, can you survive do you know where to hit the car so it doesn't kill you. If an animal attacks you, do you know the weak point to hit it in, so you can get away.

If you are taken hostage, do you know when to fight back, how about if your office building catches fire and your on the top floor, how do you survive. This world will be exactly as the name states, I will use personal advice and the advice of survival experts to help you survive anything that this planet can throw at you.

Crocodile Attack

The first rule of surviving a crocodile attack is not to get attacked by one -w-, when that doesn't work however the first thing you need to do is keep it out of the water, now chances are, it weighs more than you, and its definitely stronger than you. So assuming you are not in the water getting it off is pretty easy, poke it in the eyes and it will let go, food that can hurt you isn't worth keeping -w-.

Now if you go in the water with it, there are 2 things you need to realize, 1. its going to try and drown you, 2 you're in deep sh*t. Now when they are under water they close their eyes, so option one is out. SOOOO and this is important, coz you only have as long as you can hold your breath to accomplish this. In the back of it's throat is some muscle tissue, the Crocodile uses this to hold its breath, you have to get an arm or leg down there to open it and the crocodile will let go. The animal will start to drown it will only be for 5 seconds so get the h*ll away while you got the chance.

Battle field towns

Alright this post is about cities that were turned into war zone by the drug lords clashing with each other and the government examples: Jaurez and Favelas. First tip don't go there to begin with, but let's say you get lost or have to go there passing through.

let's do the lesser of the two having to pass through, keep your doors locked at all times. watch all of your mirrors if someone is getting too close that isn't a police officer, take off don't think just do it, most people there are well armed and you can be held for ransom or sold in prostitution. If that happens you have 72 hours left, then you die.

Next is your worst case scenario you get lost, if your in a car it's one thing, but lets say your on foot. First thing is first, you have to blend in, if you stand out in anyway that makes you a target. Buy cloths from the local stores to change into, wash off the make-up. Do not do anything to give away the fact you aren't from town. Be careful who you ask from directions from, buy a map even, coz your first stop should be the US embassy, they'll get you where you need to go, and whatever you do don't lose your passport or you are dead. You can't get in the embassy without an American passport, and that goes for all embassies, go to your country's embassy with your passport, that's your only safe house.

One last scenario, on your way to the embassy you get held up, you have two choices, life or death, its your choice. You give him your money and you become useless to him so he kills you. This isn't a mugger, this is a gang banger hopped up on cocaine. Now your second choice you have to kill him, pull out your wallet like he wants, when you get your hands up drop the wallet on the ground. When that wallet hit the ground he will look at it, its human nature only trained special forces can resist this reflex. You have turn instantly, DO NOT THINK!!!!!! YOU TURN AROUND, GRAB THAT GUN, PUT IT IN HIS CHEST, AND PULL THE TRIGGER UNTIL IT QUITS FIRING!!!. If you don't you will die, only you can decide if yours or his life is more important to you.

need help -w-

I haven't made a post in this world coz I have no idea what you want to know how to survive, I can give tips on anything you want, earthquake, nuclear fallout, zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, airplane crashes in the jungle and your the only survivor, standard at sea or on an island, your office catches fire and your on the top floor, you get lost in the swamps sightseeing, whatever, but if you don't give me ideas I can't make posts giving tips.

Car Accident

There are two types of car accidents, one in the car and one out of the car. The one out of the car that can kill you is probably accidental. People have accidental car crashes all the time, but what if it's not an accident, what if the other driver is trying to kill you.

The other guy gets one chance to kill you on a busy highway or in the city. You can blow this post off if you want, just because you don't think something will happen doesn't mean it wont.

First off let's talk about the accidental one people get ran over all the time and some of the survive so don't, some live and get badly injured some don't. pick which one you want to be. there are three ways to hit a car. A direct hit which will cause severe leg and hip damage, cause you to roll over the car, fall behind it, throwing you into more oncoming traffic. The second way is under the car, which I never recommend letting a 5000 pound or more vehicle run you over >_>.

The best way to survive a car accident or take the least damage is to go through the windshield like jumping on a trampoline a windshield buckles inward when hit from the outside. It doesn't take much to make it cave in, and you would land inside the car, so this is the best option.

Now let's talk about an accident from inside the car. Most cars now a days come with air bags, but what if they don't or you don't repackage the air bags. Plus if the person is trying to kill you or it is a semi truck, you don't want that airbag to deploy. You there are two options one with out a passenger and one with. You need to get down in the passenger seat and put your head in the crease of you arm where your elbow is and wrap the seat belt around your arm, whiplash can lead to severe neck damage or death.

Now if you have two passengers, you need to do the same as if one person, but the second must get in the back seat and lay down in between the front and back seats. once again restricted head movement must be used, this is not for normal accidents, I am talking if someone hits you and tries driving you into a concrete wall, and semi trucks take six seconds at 65mph to come to a complete stop you will have a little bit of time to do this. Use it wisely, like I said, blow this off if you want, but I told you how.