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Hello Otaku! Welcome to The Roadhouse, the gathering place for fans of ghosty carnage and your Supernatural home on TheOtaku. The CW's Supernatural is not an anime. That said, if you like anime, you'll probably like this. Classic Rock, Awesome Car, Salt, Some Exceptional Sharp Shinies, Two Hot Brothers, and Some Serious Ghosty Carnage.

This world plans to write sum ups of every episode as they come. So be prepared for spoilers. This also means any jokes, theories, or gushings are welcome here. After all, these ARE the two most glompable guys on TV. And, you know, the actresses aren't bad either. We guess.

Some Supernatural News: Supernatural, now in it's fourth season, finally has offical merchandice! Like posters and mugs and things. Some of us have only been waiting... THREE YEARS!!

Haven't seen Supernatural yet? It's goal is to be "a horror movie every week." I personally like it for the constant, lovable characters and the intelligent plot. The premise is thus: When their father goes missing, Sam and his big brother Dean (who haven't spoken for a while) are forced to depend on eachother as they follow their father's last known footsteps. Their father is a hunter of all things urban legend.

"Saving people, hunting things, the familly buisness!"

And that is just what they do, come death or demons, ghosts or wendigos, Hell or high waters, and just about everything you can think of. Actually, we haven't seen high waters yet...

Any self respecting Otaku is invited to see if they don't LOVE this series. We personally promise it has some of the best spontaneous human combustions you have ever seen.

Then, when you've seen it, come tell us what you think! Spin some theories. Draw some stuff! Settle that endless argument: Who's hotter, Sam or Dean? Heck! John or Yellow-Eyes? Cass or the impala?

So, all you hunters, monsters, ghosts, demons, and angels out there,we want to hear from you!

And so, Tuesdays were for Sammy and Thursdays for Cas;

Hello my Supernaturamigos. (Yeah, that's horrible. I'm still working on that nickname for you guys.)

Anyways, there's been a ton of news going on in the fandom but this week's top news is this:

External Image
-- [Source].

And now the Supernatural fandom is like:

External Image

Jared and Genevieve Padalecki welcomed their first child, Thomas Colton Padalecki on Tuesday, March 20 of 2012. As you all know, the couple met on the set of Supernatural where Genevieve (Cortese then) played Ruby 2.0 and Jared Padalecki played Sam Winchester. They dated for a while before eventually marrying in February of 2010. News on the pregnancy was kept pretty hush, hush for the first few weeks before Jared eventually revealed the news via his Twitter account to an already suspicious fandom. Upon inquiry from curious fans as to what they would name the baby, Jared reported to US Magazine in January 2012, "We don't want to put it out there, like try and turn him into something before we meet the kid. We want to get a feel for who this kid is before we name him." -- [News Source].

So now Tuesdays are for Sammy and Thursdays are for Cas and on behalf of all of us Supernaturalites Fans here on theOtaku: Welcome to the Supernatural universe Thomas Colton Padalecki and congratulations to the wonderuful parents, Jared && Gen Padalecki!

And please excuse our cyber squeals of joy and awkward stalking over these next few years, we haven't been this excited since West was born. Now we just need a Baby!Ackles to complete the gang and perhaps give our future children something to look forward to in the future: Supernatural: The Next Generation, starring Thomas Padalecki, West Collins, and *Baby!Ackles. Produced by Maddie Beaver, Directed by Jensen Ackles, Written by Misha Collins, Based on orginal characters created by Eric Kripke.

External Image

- g.

Post Script. Also, can we please thank Eric the Kripkeeper for putting these two together in the same room in the first place? Geez, this fandom! Why can't I hold all these feels?

Because We Can

Yes, if this were Blu it would be much more artfully written, have a cooler title and lots of awesome, point-pushing gifs. But it's not. Sorry. :(

Ok, so this is only sorta, kinda really about Supernatural. But it's about as good as I'm going to get until until I catch up. Almost there. So afraid.

This is a very late introduction to our newest: meet Misha.

No, he's not not the smartest looking dog. Probably because he's not the smartest dog. At all.
But he will be a zombie-fightin' dog by the time we get done with him! He's already got the advantage: low zombie desirability. And he likes to run up behind you and attack the back of your knees. Becaise that's about as high as he can reach. Which is bad news for zombies given that he's a Great Pyrenees and he's going to be able to reach a lot higher soon. Bad news for us too if we don't manage to train him sooner. So that's Misha.... When he gets older we're gettin' him a trenchcoat. Again, Mr. Collins, I am so sorry.

In actual news:External Image

LOOK FAMILIAR? (Why they couldn't draw a kama, I don't know.)
Supernatural: The Animation (featuring the voice of Padalecki and, near the end, Ackles) is out in America. For about $35-40. I tried watching the pilot online, only got halfway through due to my lame connection. But I was impressed with Ecki's transition. He keeps the character of Sam but translates it into the anime style, along with all the pointless "hmms", "huhs" and "eaghs!" because apparently anime people can't think silently. Now, if I am correct, Acky only voices Dean in the last two episodes.
Dean's alternative voice is, I'll be honest, not so impressive. While Ackles does make a voice for Dean in the actual series, the animation mimic is a bit exaggerating, though I suppose that's what cartoon's are for. It just sounds a lot more over the top next to Ecki's regular voice, which for an anime, is a little understated. Not to mention,, Dean is now a New Englander. Yup, all anime tough guys translate with a Boston, Jersey, or New York accent and Dean is no exception. I'm not sure why Acky couldn't do the whole series, both actors were flew out to Japan for recording and a mini introductin to, I believe, every episode. Probably busy being married and having a life, though so would be Ecki in that case. Either way, though I haven't heard Ackles as Dean, I have heard that he was great in Batman, so I'm sure this won't be a problem. And while the animation doesn't do either of them justice, you get used to it. No concept of masculine jawline.

External Image
(I still can't believe they put Sam in skinny jeans. XP ew.)
As for the story, I understand that it's basically season 1 only different. XD
If any of you have seen the animation enogh to give an accurate review (unlike me) go for it!

p.s. yes my shirt is awesome.X)

this club can't even handle me right now!

5:49 PMC

Guess what, Supernaturalites! It's Blu here with your yearly updates! :D And that's right, little mofos, it's MOOSE SEASON! -- But more of the less hairy and attractive kind... I don't know. Anyways, it's July 19th which makes this a very special day, indeed, because it's:


External Image

That's right, ladies, it's his 29th birthday and we're going to celebrate the only way we know how! -- By buying a birthday cake and crying onto the lit candles because no one in your household knows or cares to celebrate the day the most glorious moose that ever existed was born?

What!? No! With a nice little Pada!Dance!

External Image

Yeah, Dean's not buying it... Either way, there's not a lot going on in the Supernatural world from what I can tell so we need to seize this opportunity while we can! In the mean time, Jared Padalecki, our favourite Mop-headed Moose has a twitter account so, feel free to stalk him now! Or, for those of you that don't have one, go ahead and sign up for the sole purpose of stalking him and wishing him a Happy Birthday!

But Ladies, remember to keep it formal; and Gents, don't be mad you don't get that much attention.

Moose Season is officially open so, Happy Hunting and enjoy the Pada!Ass!

- g.

P. S. Sarah Palin, you are not invited! >:D

where's waldo with m-squared!;

7:32 PMC

Hey all you Supernatural-ites? Supernaturalovers? No, no… um, Supernaturamigos? Aw, hell, this is going bad fast! I don’t know about you guys but I think we should have a really cool and catchy (and short) nickname for all you Supernatural/The Roadhouse followers. I’ll leave the nicknaming to you though, because I suck at it. Anywho, it’s Blu here again with your bi-yearly Misha Collins update! (I know, I know. We should update more often. Shut up!) You guys will also hate me for this update, too, because it should’ve come a long time ago but I never really got time for an update this big until now. So! As the title suggests, it’s time to play Where && Which M-Squared! (it's sort of like Where’s Waldo except with more attractive men in more attractive wardrobes). Here is a picture to give you all a hint:

-- [Source]

Who do you think it is and, more importantly, where do you think he is? Give up yet? Well, whether you get the answer right or wrong, WHO CARES! [throws confetti!] -- Because this isn’t a competition and there are no prizes. (Boo!) Anyways, it’s Misha Collins wearing a zebra head enjoying live music on his first night in Jacmel, Haiti! Yay! That’s right, Misha Minions, our Fearless Leader is back in Haiti bringing hope (and possibly awkward and scary zebra-headed encounters) to all the little children of Jacmel, Haiti! Seriously though, this is all a big part of Misha Collin’s Random Acts Hope2Haiti Project, a project he created to help rebuild Haiti after the devastating earthquake that hit it back in January of 2010.

Through CrowdRise and with the help of his Minion Hordes and all the wonderful people at Random Acts HQ, Misha is taking over rebuilding Haiti with one random act of kindness at a time!

(This is the part where you all will hate me for not informing you earlier! Sorry!)

In early April of this year, the eyes and ears of Random Acts released information on a new contest they were running. A contest that would allow up to 40 [amazing] volunteers the exclusive opportunity to fly out with Misha Collins and Matt Cohen (ah, so now the M-Squared is explained and I am shipping it hard), and several other Random Acts slaves members to Jacmel, Haiti and help build a community center for the people! A total of 22 volunteer members were chosen based on how quickly they helped raise $5,000 dollars to help cover their personal expenses and to kick start the Hope2Haiti Project. Now with ample reinforcements, the army in place and their orders given, they began their friendly takeover of Jacmel, Haiti!

Their Objective? Build a green multifunctional community center that would provide shelter for the hungry and homeless youth of Jacmel, educate the young’uns of the city, and serve as a micro lending center to help stimulate small business! Along with this community center they will be building a small fish farm to help sustain and provide for the center and (I’m guessing) it’s surrounding orphanages.

Talk about an awesome plan, right? It’s like a self-sustained city inside of a city! Oh, you are a smart one O, Fearless Leader. A smart one indeed.

So far, the army’s been at the frontlines for about six days and are keeping us, Minions at home, up to date on their happenings through daily blog posts on their new Random Acts LiveJournal account. There, along with the Random Acts Facebook Page, they provide us with photos, blogs, tweets, and videos on everything Jacmel/Hope2Haiti. I will admit that the blog posts and photos are quite amusing. Lol.

So, there you have it, kiddos. Can’t figure out how to spend your summer? Join the M-Squared Minion Hordes and change the world!


If you’d like to know more about Random Acts and the people behind it, feel free to visit their official websites which will be linked below. There you can learn about all of Misha’s charity projects, find out how to donate to Random Acts and its projects, and watch videos or view photos about all things Misha && Random Acts!

Random Acts Official Interwebs HQ.
Random Acts Official Facebook.
Random Acts Official Twitter.
Random Acts Official Youtube.
Random Acts Official LiveJournal.
Random Acts Official Deviant Art.
Donate at Hope2Haiti @ Crowdrise[dot]com.

And remember kiddos, Resistence is Futile!

seacrest out. - g.

Also, I found this on their Youtube page which probably explains better than I have what’s going on the Hope2Haiti Project in Jacmel, Haiti. Enjoy!

gather 'round children, it's time for some more supernatural!

6:26 PMC

Hello everyone! It's Blu here! It's been a while since we last updated this thing, though it's mostly because I've been really lazy but I couldn't have had a better opportunity to update than right now when I have the best news EVER!

The CW stated on their blog today that several shows have been renewed for another season next year, one of which happens to be our lovely, beautiful, and amazing Supernatural! (Yay, right?) I believe this comes at a perfect time because I was starting to get a little depressed about it being the final season and all. I don't know about you guys but I'm excited! I mean, any opportunity to share one whole hour of my life every seek with my Favourite Boys while they ride around hunting "things" in the Most Important Object in the Universe --well, what more could I ask for?

They also went along and admitted this little piece here:

"The network also renewed fan favorite SUPERNATURAL, which enters its seventh season next year. In moving to Fridays last September, SUPERNATURAL immediately helped make The CW more competitive on the night and dramatically contributed to year-to-year gains on Friday of 66% in adults 18-34 and 60% in viewers." -- [Source].

So, with that, you start getting excited, little mofos, because the boys are back in town, the boys are back in town!

External Image

- g.