Closing 2014

I know my last post here was from the first month of 2014.

Now this post is posted on the last month of 2014.:v

Funny how time flies.

...and how I forget this site huhuhuhuuhuhu


It's difficult to sum up everything that occurred during the duration of this year in one post but I might able to in one word: eventful.

School life, personal life, and my entire life, generally, has been amazing. All the ups and downs made it challenging, stressful, mind-ripping but wonderfully memorable, meaningful, and fantastic. <3

yes I just had to put a DW reference there huehue

Anyway, just dropping by to say HIIIII

and maybe I'll write a proper account on the best, and worst (but in the end was good because I learned from it) things that happened during 2014.

So yeaaah God bless ye all! <3333

Also, this video.

That I proudly created with my fellow staff mates at FORWARD and two very close friends (and boyfie <3)

See ya!

-Yiyin ♥