Hello 2014!

First Monday of the year, oh yeah! Classes are back and I'm in my Graphic Design class. Our prof is usually gone every Monday so this is usually when I tumblr and go wild all over the internet. :D

Anyway, I DIED BECAUSE SHERLOCK SEASON 3. ALSKDFJKLDFDDDD IT WAS THE BEST. THING. EVER. Took my boyfie and I half a day to finish (we also had film shooting anyway but still) the whole episode because we had to pause every now and then because our feels cannot handle it. Our friends/co-film mates thought we went bonkers. Tahahahahaha WELL WHO WOULDN'T. THE EMPTY HEARSE WAS JUST, JUST ASDFGHJKLLLLLL SHERLOCK YOU LITTLE SHIZ. ANDERSON. MARY. WATSON AND HIS MUSTACHE. MOLLY AHHHHHH. THOSE THEORIES. EVERYTHING.

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UHM, ANYWAY, I hope you welcomed the year wonderfully! Happy New Yeaaaar! Mine was good. Great, even. :D I spent three days, including New Year, over my old residence where my grandma currently lives. I became her dishwasher for those days. XD;;;

On New Year's Eve, most of the direct relatives on my father's side gathered and we had a party. It was fun! We had dinner, my uncle who is a priest conducted mass and we played Bingo when new year came. I had no luck with Bingo, AT ALL. Didn't win a single game. My brother won a stereo set though so that's cool.

My fellow film enthusiasts/classmates started to shoot for a film the other day to be part of the Sinulog film festival. It's been fun, although quite frustrating for most of us. Yesterday, we even climbed up a mountain to shoot up there for one scene. It was an adventure. Such fun. My hips hurt right now because of all the climbing but it's fine! I enjoyed the view and the fresh mountain air. It was like team building for all of us! There was only six of us, by the way. We're a small crew but we're all good at what we do, if I may say. ////

My boyfie's the cinematographer. #proudgirlfriend and I'm sort of a camerawoman and the faketattoo artist for the main character. We just use markers for them but they look legit enough. XD The main character's good. And he plays the violin well. For the past films we made, he created the sound tracks. And our director and his wife girlfriend who does the planning. We have a debater on our team as well who acts as the acting coach. We also have a pretty assistant director and camera woman. Her brother's another character as well. :3

And the thing about the crew is that we're all crazy. Like seriously. Especially our main character. He is bonkers and beside me as I write this, playing classical music from his phone. He's weird. And a pervert. We all call him Bastard. Sometimes I call him mastah. He calls me that too. HE CALLED SHERLOCK SHERCOCK THO. PFFT.

Today, I just returned a phone to a German. My mom found it in a taxi when the whole family was on the way home from church. We didn't get to return it asap because we got busy during the holidays. And it was I who noticed that they texted that phone through a different number to return it. So I went to the pension house they texted after my first class. I asked my boyfie to accompany me because these sorts of circumstances scares me for some reason. |D;;; But the owner was quite nice. He really needed his phone back because of the contacts and some other thing I did not quite catch. But yeah. It was important to him, the phone. He even gave me a reward. ////// Guuh. I'm gonna deposit it to my bank account. :D

And every after holiday (Dec 26 and Jan 2) I ended up spending the day with my boyfie.(Or should I call him lablabs here idk pffft /////////)

So yeah. I think I'll make a habit of writing down what happens to me now. Always wanted to do a diary thing. See ya and God bless!