And there she goes, all grown up~

Waaaaah how long have I disappeared again!? @[email protected]

I should be studying for midterms and doing this one thing but I feel bad for not making a post, even a small one, to let you all know that I'm alive, life has been fantastic despite how busy college has made me, and that I really miss being in theO and spending time with the brilliant people here. :'D

So, um, first off, I'm, well, gonna confess something.

*mumbles to herself* this is awkward hahahaha

I'm not single~

//buries herself ten feet under the ground

Yyyyeah, so I got a boyfriend weeks after my debut. Not really a long story, but basically things escalated too quickly and we got together. But don't worry! He's a brilliant God-fearing guy and I was really surprised that he even liked me that way. |D;;;

GUYS I'M EIGHTEEN (wow, I'm old, haha!) and I got thinner (I'm pretty much just skin and bones ahahahah) in my second year as a Journalism student with all the activities to do and deadlines to kill. I could really feel my status as a college student. xD

And oh! I got to be Rapunzel for our English 3 class! We had a character impersonation for our Midterm exams and it was the perfect excuse to cosplay. <3 Thankfully, I got a perfect grade for it! //spazzes happily

Also, I had a hair cut. <3 I let go of my almost 10-year-old loooong hair. I had no regrets. In fact, I love it. (I look like Rukia, huehuehue <3)

I'm constantly on facebook so I could get in touch with my classmates so if you want to get in touch with me, that would be the best place for now. :) I wish all of you the best in your personal endeavors! And thank you to all who cared to greet me on my birthday! I'm really touched, even thought there's only a small number of you compared to when I was still active. <3

My 18th birthday was the best day ever in my whole life (I HAD TONS OF PRESENTS GAAAAH) and I might blog about it when I find the time. :D Seriously, a lot happened in real life and if only I had amazing blogging skills. //sobs

Here's me. I guess you all deserve to see how much I changed (or how I didn't xD)
See? New hair! And that's my not-so-accurate Rapunzel dress. And look at them eyebags, eheheheh <3

External Image

Thank you sooo so much for your time. I know only a few of you would read this. I don't know why I'm super giddy right now ehehehe but, yeah. I love you all! <3