Summer 'cation! [part 2]

Because image-heavy posts are image-heavy.

The next day, I woke up early to read the Bible, although I ended up collecting shells as I walked up the shores while finding a good place to sit on (it was drizzling too… June 1 mate.)

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Did a lil’ photoshoot by myself when I returned to the cottage. 8D


And we swam again and had fun again and even went kayaking!

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All I need is a leaf for meh ‘castle’. (I’m reminded of Lilo and Stitch. Where Stitch put sand over him when he saw Nani and David building a sand castle on Lilo. xDD)

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I rode on the kayak trice. The first try sucked (was with my brother) because THOSE FLIPPIN’ KIDS JUST WON’T LET GO. I got to go FAAAR away on the next two tries. :D T’was me first time kayaking.

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We checked out by noon and head out to eat in a Floating Restaurant. We rode in a boat first. I was worried we’d topple over or something because it was out of balance because of the luggage. xD

I wasn’t so chipper. Was reaaally sleepy actually. xD Mom was all go on taking pictures.

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LOL ME. I had fun taking pictures too. xD

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After we stayed there a bit, we stopped by the office in the area and had snacks then planned on looking around the city but we’d miss our boat so we only got to stop in one place and had some pics taken.


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Someone passed by me while I walked and said ‘Bruno Mars!’. xD Must be the hat.

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Then we ate like, SO FAST, then went to get in the boat home. :> Was tired and fell asleep with take out in my hands. xDD That's about it. :D I really wish we got to stay there a bit longer. =3=