10 Things I Hate About Uryu

Well, I don't really like to use the word 'hate' (unless I'm completely joking about it xD) But oh well...it's for aoi bara's contest. ^u^ And of course, it's about Ishida-kun~ So, here we go~!

1. I hate those blue eyes of yours; it makes me want to stare at them all the time when I'm suppose to be doing something important.

2. I hate the way you try to act cool; when you're already too cool even if you don't try.

3. I hate your voice; it renders my knees strength-less upon hearing it.

4. I hate you chivalry; it makes me wish I'd get in trouble just to have you save me.

5. I hate the fact that you are anti social; it hurts me to know that you just keep every bad feeling to yourself.

6. I hate your intelligence; it gives me a hard time in making you mine.

7. I hate your talent in sewing; because I couldn't & I envy it.

8. I hate how you look; just one glance & I'd lose my mind.

9. I hate you lips; because I lust to taste them.

10. I hate everything about you; I want you to be mine.


That was SO unlike me. Or is it? .////. *is reminded of Ulquiorra* xD

*pretends she is Inoue there* >///<

Hope it was alright!