AlexaClyne is a walking paradox and a frustrated artist who is easily excited by fangirl-worthy things... and dogs. She loves to have soundtracks to spice up her life and imagine herself in the movies/TV shows she has seen and loved. She is shy yet outgoing (a paradox, exactly), but can be anxious in social situations. She thought she wouldn't fit in the degree she took (Communication) but fell in love with it because she does enjoy writing and producing films or advertisements after all. She has a thing for scarves, long-sleeves and coats and wished that tropical weather would permit her to wear them the time.

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Busy? Not really lol.

Wheee, I finally got to use the internet again! 8D It's been two weeks lol. And during those times I read Detective Conan manga (I'm on File 713 now!!), drew a lot of fan art (okay, maybe not that much, and they're mostly Detective Conan), lazed around at home... Nothing much happened lol.

I wish I took summer lessons/jobs. orz;; Maybe I'd know how to play my viola already! Or relearn karate! Or know piano! D8

We did went to Ginatilan again for a family reunion. :> Didn't realize there were a lot of 'Visitacion's... 8D; AND MY NEPHEWS AND NIECES ARE SOOO ADORABLE AS ALWAYS. ♥ And the beach was amazing. ♥

We stayed overnight and I got to bed around 1:30 AM since I played cards with my relatives. No, we did not play poker (I have no idea how to play that .3. ) but we just played 1 2 3 pass. I lose a lot lol. Losers have to drink a shot. I drank 4. Or 5. I can't understand why people like that stuff! D: I think what we drank was called Kamikazee. It was red and strawberry flavored. I think. It was my 2nd time drinking alcoholic drinks. xD;

ART WISE , I have TONS to upload because they kinda piled up. I'll put them up here eventually. I drew them this week (I was in the mood to draw since some days ago) and I had to upload them ASAP since tomorrow I'll be away on a 6-day summer camp. It'll be my 3rd time. ♥

So yeah, I'll be away again, and I'll surely miss some things again. orz;; I'm sorry if I'm not active in theO. ;3; I'm sure a lot of you have forgotten me already, mweheheheh. >8D

After the summer camp, I'll be back to school too. COLLEGE LIFE HERE I COME!! >____<

And my new icon is derived from this that I did after seeing Sherlock season 2. (MY FEELS GAAAH! ;A; )

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I'm gonna be a college student!

Everything's going well for me. So far. <3

I thought we didn't have money but we managed to watch The Avengers last May 5th! IT WAS TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS! SO EPIC AAAAAHH!! I wanna watch it again, hee.

Aaaand.... I GOT ENROLLED TODAAAAY! :DD My course is AB Journalism. And I have nothing to pay for the first semester! 8D But I'll have to maintain grades in the following semsters/years if I want a 100% free tuition. <33 This valedictorian will do her best to live up to her title. xDD;

I took the Entrance Exams yesterday (I was cramming the night before, thinking it would be hard lol. ) and I got a score of 111. It's my IQ score I think? I'm above average anyhow, so, lol. 8D

Our classes will be on June 4. OHMAIGOSH I'M GONNA BE IN COLLEGE!!! *w*

I hope I won't be too busy with uni life. ;_____;

Oh yeah, I saw The Legend of Korra as well. OH MY THE ANIMATION. EVERYTHING IS JUST BEAUTIFUL OMGOMG. I will not say anything to spoil anyone, only that Korra is amazing and Bolin is so cute and Mako is just bamf. <33

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well too. I'm not as active in theO as I was before but I met tons of awesome people here so... thank you! ;w;


For some reason I have been looking forward to May. xD

I wanna watch The Avengers but we have no money so I have to wait... orz;;

But I have the summer camp & family reunion to look forward to! *u* And I still have to take entrance exams and enroll for college. Classes starts next month! Q____Q; OH GOSH I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M GONNA BE IN COLLEGE!! ;AAA;

I'll be taking Journalism. ♥ I look forward to the classes! *3* But I'm also nervous about ittt! Dx I act stupid most of the time so I'm not sure of myself! D:

And I read a lot of mangas lately~ Giri Koi is sooo cute! And Koko ni Iru Yo nearly made me cry lol. It's so lovely~ And Shouri no Akuma is so fun! xD The art is just amazing! *3* And I wanna catch up with Detective Conaaaan! ;A;

I started watching B Gata H Kei too. They seem to have left out Yamada mastur-- you know. xDD OH GOODNESS, EPISODE 4 IS EPIIIC! xDDD I LOLed sooo much!! xD

And gosh, BBC's Sherlock IS. TOO. AMAZIIIING ! It's just brilliant! I LOVE BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH <333

I tried to draw ShinConan fan art since it was May 1st yesterday but everything that comes out of my hand is poop! D8<

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A sketchy chibi-ish Shinichi.Sorry for such a stupid sketch. xD

And so I have graduated.

And I tell you to look over here to see the whole of what happened. With pictures. ♥ And you will see ugly me. In a toga. And that hat thingy. And there's sushi! 8D


I need to make a graduation speech.


And... I'm the valedictorian. AND I NEED TO MAKE MY GRADUATION SPEECH. D8

I broke down in tears two days ago while trying to make one (mom gave me guidelines that she found online and even a speech as an example by a valedictorian in some school somewhere lol) because I felt it was such huuuuuge pressure already. ORZ;

I really wish I was just the salutatorian. 8D

It's reaaaally pressuring, this valedictorian thingy. =3=; People will expect great things from you and such and such. I only want to become an artist or a photographer. Really, I don't have big plans, sooo~ Usually you expect valedictorians to be BIIIIG in the future, like a CEO or entrepreneur or something that requires leadership and can handle tons of responsibilities.


Please pray for me. >___<

Anywaaaay, AAAH I FINISHED THE FINAL PROBLEEEM (Sherlock Holmes)! 8DDD I already knew he didn't die then since I already read The Empty House before that because it was in the first Sherlock Holmes book that I bought (yet The Final Problem wasn't in there =3= ) but I still felt the paaaaain. AAAH DR. WATSOOON! I feel for him theeeeere. And when Prof. Moriarty and Holmes were face to face I was liek "AAAAAH THE INTENSITYYY! 8'DDD" and it was all just exciting. >3<

If I finish all the stories I might try watching the BBC Holmes. 8D

Aaaaah, I can't wait to watch Detective Conan season 8~~ ♥

And I started watching Idol [email protected] :> It's quite a cute anime~~ ♥