AlexaClyne is a walking paradox and a frustrated artist who is easily excited by fangirl-worthy things... and dogs. She loves to have soundtracks to spice up her life and imagine herself in the movies/TV shows she has seen and loved. She is shy yet outgoing (a paradox, exactly), but can be anxious in social situations. She thought she wouldn't fit in the degree she took (Communication) but fell in love with it because she does enjoy writing and producing films or advertisements after all. She has a thing for scarves, long-sleeves and coats and wished that tropical weather would permit her to wear them the time.

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asdfhsdkljddd! Otaku Legend/I passed!

I've gained the status of OTAKU LEGEND recently. Seriously, really!?? * A *

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I passed the freakin' school paper Editorial & Creative Examsss! ;A;

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Honestly I had to read the congratulatory text I got from my friend again and again (who passed as well, heeee!) and check the FORWARD Publications FB page to make sure that I did pass. sadhfklsajddd--!!

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Next will be the Panel Interview next Sunday, July 22 (which is the day after my birthday, heeee!) OH DEAR I DON'T KNOW HOW TO, WHAT TO DOOOO

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asdfjkal;dfddd TOO HAPPY I CAN'T EVEN--!!

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And today's the start of our Prelims. Today's fine, but I'm worried of the rest of the days lolol. :'D

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College Life. hah.

First month in college. And I looked obviously thinner. Many told me. D: And I really need sleep. No time anymoar. And I skip lunch a lot now. ;A;

Lots of assignments, research, studying for quizzes/exams (failed my History test orz; ), activities, such and such. GAAAAAH.

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On the day when we started wearing our uniforms, I wore socks. And we weren't suppose to wear socks because it's like we're still in high school. So the guard made me took them off before entering. My mom LOLed at me when I told her.

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So yeah. No time for drawing anymore.

I still sketch during class though. xD But inspiration left me already.

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Looot's of studying and researching to do. Prelims are coming close. @[email protected]

Oh yeah, I made my own pixiv. ♥ [link]

Won't be that active though but, yeah. xD

And the other day my mom told me that my grandpa have colon cancer. Stage 3.

I'm not taking it hard though. I have to stay positive and believe that he'll heal.

After a week and a half in college...

I'm still alive.

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(Although it's my fault for always sleeping around 12-3 AM.)

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And I wanna join the school magazine but I'm too chicken to apply.
I already got an application form from them now and the requirements and such are terrifying to me. There's an examination and an interview sooo. I dunno.

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We met all of our teachers and I already have assignments to do so, it's all good.

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Our Communications teacher is "kick-ass", or so he says. He really is, really. If all of our classes were like his then we'll all be like:

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I'm almost familiar with the streets and such. But I still get lost. orz;

I seem to be always walking towards my dad's/mom's workplaces. (they're both in walk-able distance from the uni)

The city is quite crowded and all the walking makes me dizzy sometimes.

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I'm playing around with my tumblr lol. [link]

Mostly with those gifs.

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AND OH. Me, my bro and dad did a Justice League Marathon.


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My grandpa who got hospitalized is getting better! He's going out tomorrow. <33


This part especially. <33

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Wish me luck with the upcoming quizzes. @[email protected]


Sexy Lexy <33

First Day of Class?

Our first day of class was last June 11th. Well, we had no class. lol. No teachers showed up in all of our classes.

That's just completely wrong isn't it?

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And I was very worried I'd be late!

My first class is 12 PM. And I went out the house at 11 AM. And it's an hour from our house to the school.

I'll surely get lost in the city without texting mom everytime I'm riding a jeepney and asking her where to get off and which jeepney I should ride next. (I have to take two or three jeepney rides.) And it's hot and I have to make sure I took the right jeepney or I'd have to take another one and I don't even know the fare and-- I'd definitely lose my mind.

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I took 3 jeepney rides and a taxi with mom who waited for me near my grandparent's home and scolded me till she dropped me off. xD And I had to find the room for my first class.
I was pretty much running around the campus looking it. @[email protected];;

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At least I found 3 friends already!

Most of the time I was bored, really. I envied those who had class.

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But honestly I was nervous.

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If my new found friends didn't talk to me then I'd be like:

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There's no way I'd forget my first day in college.

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The second day is better though. ♥ At least two teachers showed up, and they're pretty great. :D

Summer's almost over!

I'll be in school in a few days, which is good since I'm pretty much bored to death. orz;; I've wasted my time rewatching movies, playing games, such and such. There's nothing much going on. =3=

And I have no desire to draw. None at all. I'm sketching a bit to get out of it.

I've been making origamis though~ I can make paper cranes now! ♥

Anyway, my grandpa's in the hospital because of pneumonia and UTI. We visited him the other day. I pray he gets well soon. ;w;

And during the last week of May I joined SEP (Summer Enrichment Program)! OH GOODNESS IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. *_* The best SEP ever! God is just amazing. ♥

I have soooo much to tell but 6 days worth of adventure is hard to put to words, haha. ♥

I learned a lot of things, met NFFs (new found friends!), had tons of laughs and ice cream, went snorkeling, dancing, volleyball, soccer baseball, origami-- we did toooons of stuff. ♥ And the best thing was remembering God's love. GOSH I CRIED. ;w;

And the Dance Night was memorable and miserable (since it was the last night bawww)! Senpai danced with me bahahaha lol. xDDD;

AND I MET ANOTHER FELLOW OTAKU!! Kei-nyan is so kawaaaaii! ♥

Also during Talent Night I was 'the girl who believed nothing is impossible with God' and did the choreo as well for the dance part. It was nothing compared to the ones who played the instruments (because I made soooo many mistakes and I was in the middle lol). ♥ We were like an all-girl Hillsongs band doing a live show. But even though we did lots of mistakes, everyone did a standing-ovation! *3* IT WAS AMAZING THAT THEY LOVED IT. It was all for God of course, haha~ PRAISE GOD! We have a dorm mate named Praise actually. xD;

And our dorm (1G forever!!! <333) won both nights. I even got a Deborah Award (given to those with leadership skills and such) and I was surprised to be given that. Since I'm not the leader type at all.

I was so happy to be in 1G ! Our energy is never ending. We were the noisiest dorm among the 6 dorms. (Divided into 3 Girls Dorms & 3 Boys Dorms.) Everyone of us were participative and were really into what we would do! >w< As Mimi said, it's like we have these connections in our brains. xDD