AlexaClyne is a walking paradox and a frustrated artist who is easily excited by fangirl-worthy things... and dogs. She loves to have soundtracks to spice up her life and imagine herself in the movies/TV shows she has seen and loved. She is shy yet outgoing (a paradox, exactly), but can be anxious in social situations. She thought she wouldn't fit in the degree she took (Communication) but fell in love with it because she does enjoy writing and producing films or advertisements after all. She has a thing for scarves, long-sleeves and coats and wished that tropical weather would permit her to wear them the time.

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so much to doooo/hedgehogs!

A'right, update time! I'm now in the finals term...

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Wishlist [S.V. 2013]

SS Valentine's Event 2013!S.V. IWallie Event

[for DRAWING event]

Basically, if you've seen my portfolio, worlds, tumblr and deviantart, you can easily guess my obsessions, heehee. ♥

I don't really know what to expect from you, but just have fun and do your best Valentine-san! ♥

But still putting up specifics and refs so it'll be easier for you. @ v @

♥ * ♥ * ♥

[for iWallie event]

  • Iron Man/Tony Stark
  • Nightwing
  • Detective Conan
  • Megpoid Gumi

Thank you Valentine-san. ♥
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yaaaaay 5k likes for FORWARD FB page!

FB PAGE of the school publication where I got in as an artist. :D ...

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goodbye 2012, hellooooo 2013!

It feels more like Christmas Eve than New Year's Eve in our home, ehehehe Booyah! Goodbye 2012, Helloooo 2013!...

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tis the season <3

Taking the first hours of the 25th spamming people's portfolios with seasonal greetings. ♥

M E R R Y. C H R I S T M A S. T H E O ! ♥

A lot happened this year, like A LOOOOOT that I don't even know where to start. @[email protected] I entered college, I got in the school paper staff, ROTC, and other miscellaneous stuff, it's just amazing how eventful this year had been. Time flew so fast.

And I've been partying since Friday (it's Mon already lol) so I've been a night owl. xD

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