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Long time no see

It really feels like ages since I was here the last time....wow....some time in 2010. The reason is kinda simple:... I was kicked out of my home and had to search for a new place to be. It's been really hard to find something appropriate and affordable. The rents are really high in my place....

Anyway...it took me almost 2 years now to find a flat and in March I was able to finally move in. The boxes are still piled up in the living room cause a cupboard is still missing but I'm sure...or better: I hope things will go their normal way again soon.

But even before the move I wasn't active here on theO anymore. I mostly shifted to DA but due to some nostalgic feeling I cannot abandon theO completely. So I made me promise myself to stumble by here from time to time

So, hope you guys are all doing fine out there and to see you around!


Happy New Year Everyone!!

I still have 4 hrs till midnight as I type this. Some of you will already have stepped over to the new year and some of you will have to wait some time longer...
I wish you all a very happy new year! I hope it will be successful and without any fears for you!

See you guys next year^^
All the best


I have to tell you that I won't be here regularly anymore. I used to come here every day but since I have a new job with shift work, it won't be possible for me anymore.
Anyway, feel free to PM me anytime. I will come here on my free days and read and answer your PMs as soon as I can!

Oh, and I finally managed to update my club member card...I'm sorry it took me so long, Zero-kun! Gomen!

See you all!

Share The Moment

I don't know if any of you know about the Eurovision Song Contest and those who do probably think "Gods, don't mention it!!" BUT since my country won for the first time for 28 years again, I'm really exited about it. I used to watch it every year, mostly being shocked about the more or less good "singers" but this year it was quite a good show...at least I liked it.

But the best thing - beside Lena's victory with her song "Satellite" - was Madcon's performance and the flashmob. People all over Europe dancing in unity! Check it out!

The guys in Dublin, Ireland were amazing! Fantastic dancers (no professionals btw)! And of course I'm very proud of my German people in Düsseldorf and Hamburg. D! did a great job on that!

Edit: I had to upload an other video because Youtube decided to delete the first one...*sighs*...

YuGiOh! obsessed

I spent the last few days googling YuGiOh! pictures and found this one which gave me a good laugh. I had to think of kuribohluver's crossoverstories immediately. So do you have any idea for a nice little story kuribohluver?

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