Personal Finance Tips - The Most Powerful Force in the Universe - Compound Interest

You may have wondered what is the secret of making wealth? Earning more and more money? For some extent, yes, this is a good answer. But the best thing is to make the money you already have earn more money for you. Frequently this small difference in thinking makes somebody a millionaire from a wannabe.

The thing is that the money you earn with hard work is nothing compared to what you can earn by letting your money work for you. There are a few simple steps for getting your money make Pittsburgh Tech Hub more money.

The best thing to do is add savings to your budget, meaning that you should pay your savings bill just as you would pay your electricity bill. You can ask your bank to deduct the savings automatically from your paycheck, or you can put your savings in an account that can not be accessed with an ATM card. This way if you would be tempted to spend the money, you will give it a second thought.

Compound interest was called by Albert Einstein "the most powerful force in the universe". With compound interest not only your money makes money, but the money your money makes earns money too.

But how does it work? With a 3 percent interest rate your $100 deposited in an account would be $103 after a year. But you earn interest not only on your initial deposit, but also on the interest your initial deposit makes. If you set aside $100 each month, at the end of the year your bank account would have $1,223.81. The $1,200 you saved and $23.81in compound interest.

Because of the compound interest often you can see two rates in savings accounts advertisements: the APR (annual percentage rate) and the APY (annual percentage yield). The second means the percentage the account actually earns with compound interest. APY is somewhat higher than the APR, depending on whether the interest is compounded monthly, quarterly, or annually.

There are many compound interest calculators to be found on the Internet. With these you will be able to determine how your savings will grow in 5, 10, 20 years. All you have to do is plug in the amount you are saving, the percentage rate and how the interest is compounded.

You should carefully shop around for the best deals, as traditional savings accounts don't pay much interest these days. And you could also consider an online-only account, as it can pay three or more times the interest offered by a regular bank or credit union.

How IP PBX Software for VoIP Service Providers Can Be a Money Spinner

The rise of VoIP technologies gave service providers an opportunity to generate additional revenue streams. VoIP supports voice, data and media. Service providers can differentiate and deliver modular services to customers according to their needs. Shifting services to the cloud further enhances service delivery and drawing in of customers since it requires no upfront investment and users can pay only for services they need. IP PBX software is one such service that ITSPs and others can leverage to generate additional revenue.

Picking a modular, hosted IP PBX

For the IP PBX to be a money spinner for Service Providers it must be multi-tenant, hosted white label type. What this means for service providers:

• They do not have to buy the software, host it and maintain it. The IP PBX solution provider takes care of it.

• The multi-tenant model is the one to prefer. You can have a tenant who, in turn, can have several tenants in a tree-branch structure. Each account remains separate and permissions can be granted for each module. You can bill the tenant and the tenant can bill users with freedom to set rates.

• White label means they can brand it as their own service

• Multi-lingual features overcome geographic barriers of language and multi-currency feature likewise removes currency restrictions

• Billing and integrated payment gateway facilitates ease of timely payment collection from tenants and for tenants from their sub-tenants.

Optimizing costs with LCR

Competition is keen and for a VoIP service provider to attract business users with IP PBX software offering their pricing must be attractive. LCR or least cost routing is a must have feature of the IP PBX Software. It takes care of finding the best and most cost effective route and prioritizing selection to ensure low cost as well as assured connections with crystal clear voice quality.

Bundle a host of high quality call features

Rax Enterprise, a manufacturer-exporter relies on communication to coordinate and streamline production, logistics and supplies across various geographic locations. They chose full featured IP PBX software with call back, call forward, call packing, call transfer, DND, speed dial, voicemail and video call facility. This basic feature set permitted fluid communication between team members, with customers and with vendors. The multi-tenant model proved quite useful in maintaining precise accounts for their overseas branches. The best thing, according to the owner, is the subscription model. “In effect, we are paying from earnings, though the cost may be slightly higher,” he stated.

IP PBX comes in different flavors but choosing one that offers excellent quality of audio is vitally important. This should be independent of internet speeds and devices used. Users may plug in an IP phone at one end or some may make use of soft phones or smartphones. It works. That is what you expect and what customers expect so why let it be a pain point?

At this point it must be stated that even in the USA there are hundreds of businesses that still use PSTN. Some have made a partial transition to hardware IP Phones. Therefore, the package you offer must fit in PSTN, hardware SIP phones and softphones as well as mobile devices. The auto provisioning features very nicely takes care of accommodating all devices.

Modular monetizing

Today’s IP PBX offerings from top vendors are Unified communication models with a variety of modules such as SMS/Voice broadcast, WebRTC and FAX, for instance. You can develop different models starting with bare bones IP PBX service and then offer others as value added services. The call threshold plan feature offers flexibility to the main service provider and tenants to define and set limits to call usage, call duration, and destination.

Xtra Telecom in NY loved the modular feature. In fact their head honchos spent some time thinking of and designing a modular service model that would appeal to businesses of all types and sizes from one man shows to corporates. Not surprisingly, they were able to rope in more customers and today they have hundreds of customers.

Profits and cost reductions

One must be competitive in price. At the same time it is important to meet customer expectations of top quality technology backed by excellent and timely services. This can be the make or break point for service providers. If you rely on a third party and if they do not deliver you lose customers. Choose the right provider of hosted IP PBX solution offering top drawer quality of service and you will see higher retention, more customers coming in through the doors, more profits and cost reductions. IP PBX is a basic need for businesses of all types and sizes. Include it in your portfolio and you have a money spinner on your hands.

Author Bio:

Hiten Dudhatra is a Team Lead - Digital Marketing at Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He likes to share his opinions on IT & Telecommunication industries via guest posts. His main interest to write the content for IP PBX Software, Multi-Tenant IP PBX & Hosted IP PBX Software. @hitendudhatra

Serious Outdoor Travel Gear For Swimmers

Available on the market today is some really great waterproof cameras so that as the weather begins to heat up the individuals are sure to be spending more time underwater. With all the beautiful water ways in the world that are available for individuals to spend their summer time Light visit vacations at, who wants to miss out on capturing their experiences on film.

As the mercury continues to rise and the temperatures tend to sizzle individuals are undoubtedly considering taking a plunge in a cool body of water whether it be a pool, lake, or an ocean. If the individual now wants to snap some photographs of their waterside fun all they need to do is to purchase a waterproof camera. There are several that are now developed that are small as well as sophisticated and lightweight.

One terrific waterproof camera is the Olympus Stylus 850 SW, which is waterproof, shock resistant, and freeze resistant. It has a sleek look and a built in flash in a high tech digital camera with a sharp two and half inch LCD screen. It can be dropped from five feet above the ground, dunked into a pool of water up to ten feet, and even chilled to an incredible freezing temperature of fourteen degrees Fahrenheit and it will still produce incredibly sharp eight megapixel photographs. This wonderful camera has a optical zoom of three times and face detection software that can tell whether the the subject is human or landscape. The buttons are small and the camera only weighs five ounces.

Another terrific waterproof camera available on the market is the Pentax Optio W30, which is small and lightweight that can also be submersed in water up to ten feet. It has a three times optical zoom with face recognition capability, seven point one megapixel sharpness, a built in flash, and a two and a half inch viewing screen. This camera takes incredibly sharp photographs above and below the surface of the water, but it is not shock proof.

The SeaLife ECOshot is another camera for the serious underwater enthusiasts, which can be submersed in water up to seventy-five feet and can withstand a drop from six feet off the ground. The ECOshot takes six megapixel-quality photographs, but it offer no optical zoom only a digital zoom and it has no face-recognition abilities. This camera only weighs half a pound and is wrapped in hard, military strength rubber. It is sturdy as well as a heavy piece of hardware that should be considered in purchasing if the individual needs a perilous underwater adventure.

If the individual does not want to spend more than two hundred dollars on a waterproof camera, then he or she should consider purchasing a one time use thirty-five mm camera like the Kodak Sport. It is lightweight and easy to use as well as shock resistant and waterproof up to fifty feet. The Kodak Sport does rely on film, but it takes incredible photographs and has extremely great lighting capabilities.

How To Watch Freeview TV in Bed As Well As On The Sofa

So your installer has chosen the correct airborne for you from the accessible aerials for Freeview. You have your advanced Freeview TV set up and associated with your <a href="">tv aerial installation leicester</a>. You plunk down on the couch, cuddle up to your accomplice and make the most of your preferred projects.

Can you Always Watch the Freeview TV you Want?

At the point when it's the ideal opportunity for the news, your accomplice needs to watch the new dramatization that is beginning another channel, or maybe there's an extremely critical football coordinate that shouldn't be missed by only one of you. It's alright. You can head to sleep early and watch anything you desire on the TV in your room. However, you can't do that in the event that you can't get Freeview TV on that set.

Shouldn't something be said about when your lounge room is packed with your child's adolescent companions viewing the unscripted television arrangement you detest, and participate with the yells and sneers from the groups on screen? Wouldn't you be more joyful in the event that they were in another room out and out, so you could watch the Freeview diverts you needed in harmony?

Did you Have a Multi-room System Installed With Your Freeview Aerial?

Tragically, except if your installers set up a multi-room framework for your Freeview gathering, with extra set top boxes for autonomous channel control where required, your other TV sets despite everything won't give you free view from your aerials for Freeview. The most ideal approach to get the multi-room TV framework you need is to have an accomplished Freeview ethereal installer structure and introduce it for you from the word go.

Get an Affordable Freeview Multi-room System Added

Be that as it may, if that didn't occur, everything isn't lost. There are various strategies for interfacing additional TV sets to aerials for Freeview. The least difficult route is to include additional TV focuses and associate them to a focal box in your space, which is associated thusly to your free view airborne. You will likewise require a Freeview gathering box for every TV set doesn't have Freeview inherent. These expense from just $20 a container.

A legitimate elevated Freeview installer will give this independently from the first establishment, and you will have the option to watch your own choice of Freeview stations any place you have a TV associated in your home. What's more, with an advanced Freeview elevated you will have a high caliber of TV picture all over your home. Sitting in front of the TV from your bed will be an extravagance you can appreciate at whatever point you like!

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One of the upcoming features for the plugin was the ability to reward users for posting YouTube videos. Unfortunately... that's not ready yet In a future upgrade anyone who unlocks the premium version will be able to do that.

Right now if you sign up for the marketing WordPress Plugin Contest Burner, you'll be able to give this plugin a test drive very soon.

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