Celebrity Chat With Johnny Yong Bosch - Extra

And now for the bit after the event:

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Support KIRA: You're awesomeeee~~
Linku-kun: .
Johnny: you can send q's there if you want
Katana: No prob bro,thanks for coming.
HalfwayVamped: Thank you for coming!
Miracle Star19: ?o?o?
willotaku: thank you for coming! Both you and the band! My girlfriend and I are huge fans!
Johnny: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Johnny-Yong-Bosch/150406464998582
reirei: thank u so much..!!
MrSenorJordan: yaaaah
kittens 3: Well that was fun.
Support KIRA: *waves* :3
imouto chan: THANK YOU!!!!
djthesavior5: thanks :D
omnia1: chears Johnny
twilight samurai: Thank YOU! :D
MewChero: Thanks for coming!
Sakura Kokoro: Thank you, Johnny and Eyeshine!!
HalfwayVamped: byebye!
ZanpakutoMan: Thank you Ichigoooooo
Ace: Thanks for stopping by, man. It's been a blast.
Butterflykiss: thanks!
MrSenorJordan: <3 Johnny
Blank: I think that's our line. Thanks for being here to talk to us.
Miracle Star19: Thank u =3
Hana Ishida: Thank you, Johnny!!!!
conspiracy theory: we love you, thanks for being here!
byakuyarox1: thanks ur awesome
reirei: hope u'll come back again and answer more questions.. <3
Katana: MURDERS~
otakuchan87: love you guys
NicoRabbit: EEEP <3 JOHNNY!!!! [Faints]
Butterflykiss: you're so awesome!!!
NeKo MoonShine: byeee
RedJ: lawl
walkingstick: Thank you so very much, keep being awesome, all of you.
Eyeshineband: check out our facebook! facebook.com/eyeshinemusic
conspiracy theory: everyone is awesome
PaigeeBrown: Thanks, Johnny and EyeShine <3
djthesavior5: I wear my Eyeshine wristband 24/7 <3
leaf angel: lol
otakuchan87: po lo is hot
reirei: i bet he cant read all of these.. XD
Sakura Kokoro: Eyeshine keep rockin' <3
NicoRabbit: Have a good Day! :D
piggyback garu: So many people in chat.
twilight samurai: I wish I could've heard your voices!
Eyeshineband: http://facebook.com/eyeshinemusic
Sangome: Thank you so much! I just hope I'm not a freak because of my question. D:
SomeGuy: Thanks for coming out. This was a really successful chat
manlyseakitten: Johnny and Vic are my OTP!
Nepeta08: Thanks you guys~ This was pretty cool to get in here for the last 10 minutes. ^_^
Johnny: That was fun! we should do it again sometime
Darkrosekirei: Thanks Johnny and Eyeshine you guys are awesome! :3
Butterflykiss: eyeshine 4 life!
leaf angel: awesome :3
omnia1: I've never seen so many people in the chat lol
greenLeAfe: Bye thanks!
Katana: Yes, again sometime would be most excellent.
Butterflykiss: totally!
snow fox: Thanks!
HalfwayVamped: please!
Hana Ishida: Come back again~!!!! ^^
Kei: Come back and see us.
ZanpakutoMan: Definitely do it again!!!!
omnia1: ur lucky Johnny hehe
Eyeshineband: P - I know
reirei: yes, come again..~
NicoRabbit: *WAVES*
piggyback garu brofists sophia
Johnny: you guys ROCK!!!!
walkingstick: ^_____^/ Good luck at interview!
leaf angel: :3
Johnny: adios
MrSenorJordan: yes Johnny, please come back
Sangome: We'd love to have you back!
Eyeshineband: C - see yah guys!
Butterflykiss: you rock more!!
ZanpakutoMan: NO YOU ROCK
Slacker13: dam....
Butterflykiss: bye!!!
Hana Ishida: <33333
Nepeta08: Bye everyone~
Support KIRA: Baaaaiii
omnia1 Brofists my pancake
Eyeshineband: M - bye
ladyspirituelle: Thank you, Johnny and Eyeshine. You're all awesome!
willotaku: take care you guys!
Butterflykiss: take care! <3
Johnny: see you on facebook
Johnny: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Johnny-Yong-Bosch/150406464998582
Hana Ishida: Bye~!!!!!
Miracle Star19: baibai
MrSenorJordan: and twitter"
reirei: thanks for the time and good luck on your next interview..~
twilight samurai: Bye, guys! :)
Darkrosekirei: ^w^
Eyeshineband: http://facebook.com/eyeshinemusic
otakuchan87: does po lo have a gf
Butterflykiss: I love you guys!!
ZanpakutoMan: I follow you on twitter Johnny!!!
conspiracy theory: I am listening to "Come Back Now"
NicoRabbit: *Hugs for EVERYONE*
kittens 3: VicXJohnny5ever!
Hana Ishida: You're awesome Johnny~!!!!
Darkrosekirei: I love that song!
Darkrosekirei: XD
Katana: He left you know
Katana: :(
reirei: thanks for the awesome chat guys..
RedJ: OR
Sangome shoots Red
RedJ: DID HE???
Katana shoves redj off a cliff
SomeGuy: But the band is still here
willotaku: peace out Eyeshine and Johnny
Miracle Star19: :p
Sangome: ^ that
RedJ: That
SomeGuy: And the band speaks for all
Eyeshineband: rock on!
Darkrosekirei: Excatly!
Sakura Kokoro: <33 Love you guys <33
reirei: i wish there was a celebrity chat rules somewhere..
Katana: I have this image of a couple of folks crammed around a laptop shouting things at Johnny
omnia1: That was wicked my Dudes and Dudette's hehe
SomeGuy: Same
leaf angel: :3
leaf angel: HEY OMINA
Sangome: HE LIKES US
Sangome: ;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`;
Katana: XD
leaf angel: ok gome is gonna have a breakdown
Miracle Star19: ?o?o?
RedJ: :p
SomeGuy: "Johnny look! They're asking you more Power Rangers questions! Oh ho ho!"