Celebrity Chat With Johnny Yong Bosch - Extra

Not only did Johnny Yong Bosch show up for the celebrity chat but members of the band he's in, Eyeshine, also came to the special event. Since chat is a live format we also saved the log from before the interview started and after. Enjoy!

omnia1: hay Johnny
omnia1: ^_^
firezero: RedJ: i want to one
firezero: hi
Hana Ishida: Hey, Johnny!!! >w<
Johnny: Hey guys
willotaku: hello Johnny!!
Butterflykiss: Hi Johhny!
Sakura Kokoro waves excitedly
SunfallE Welcome, Johnny.
Johnny: I'm trying to get the band on here as well
omnia1: awesome
willotaku: sweetness
Butterflykiss: how cool, we'd totally love that
firezero: cool
Johnny: give me a second while we figure it out
omnia1: kk
willotaku: okay
Hana Ishida: Sweeeettttttt~ >A<
Butterflykiss: alright take your time!
SunfallE No worries we still have time before the chat starts.
omnia1: lol
Gainax: Nia would be the first to say hi, lol.
Miracle Star19: HAI GUYS
Gainax: MIRA
Miracle Star19: STOCKIN
firezero: hi star
omnia1 was thinking the exact same thing... resisted the erge to gloat about it :P
omnia1: XD
Gainax pats Nia
omnia1: :P
willotaku thinks this is just so cool
omnia1: that'd be me hehe ^_^
Gainax: XP
omnia1: XD
Ace: Oh, I get up for a minute and I miss the man himself.
Sangome: Good job Ace
RedJ: Faaaaaail.
Ace: Hey there, welcome to our crazy little corner of the interwebz.
omnia1: Gainax: how's your mission going Stocku?
Miracle Star19: ?o?o?
Linku-kun: o3o
omnia1: XD
Sangome: Yes
Sangome: Hi there
Hana Ishida: .w.;;
Sangome: Pleased to meet you 8D
Gainax: mission?
omnia1 whispers *stalking* :P
Gainax: fffffff
omnia1: XD
omnia1 words fail
willotaku: it's so cool and awesome having you here Johnny
Butterflykiss: yeah it really is
Miracle Star19: Yep =3
omnia1: omg Stocku your a bad influence on me dudette lol XD
Hana Ishida: It's amazing...just amazing!!! >w<
Gainax: lol Felix is drunkkk
Gainax: Nia: what? @[email protected]
Butterflykiss: i totally agree with Hana
omnia1: Gainax: lol nevermind hun
Sangome: It quite is
Butterflykiss: Yuuki chan: refresh you can't send private message right now
Butterflykiss: and Johhny Young Bosch is here
omnia1: Butterflykiss: wish I could to un confuse Stocku poor sis lol
Butterflykiss: lol
Ace: Use a Yellow Flute.
Sangome: Tee hee
omnia1: Ace: You what?
Sangome: there we go
Gainax: BV
Ace: Or call them back and send someone else out.
Gainax: I am not confused.
Sangome: Don't hurt yourself in confusion
Sangome smacked
Gainax: dfgfhfdhfdhfh
willotaku is very giddy from excitement
omnia1: Gainax: I mean by what I was saying Stocku lol
Sangome is trying not to say anything stupid
Sangome: Which, for anyone that knows me, is kind of a hard job.
Sangome shot
Support KIRA lurks like a ninja, which is kinda like a boss only better and stealthier =w= d
omnia1: I am boiling
Gainax: Yeah, yeah. Stalking--I know.
Gainax: BV
Butterflykiss: XD
Ace: Why would you want to avoid saying stupid things?
Blank: Yeah, Gome speaks constantly in unintelligible nonsense.
Hana Ishida: .w.
Sakura Kokoro munches on pasta happily
Sangome: B(
Ace: Stupid things are the most interesting things there are to say.
Butterflykiss: Pasta~
SunfallE hello, blank
Sangome: Ace: Because of reasons?
Miracle Star19: ?o?o?
Sakura Kokoro: Pastaa <33
RedJ: Ohay Blank lives
Butterflykiss: i feel like Italy now XD
Sakura Kokoro: Lol!
walkingstick: Doitsu doitsu~~
Hana Ishida: Lol xDDD
firezero: Butterflykiss: we are going to Italy now?
Blank is here on behalf of Missay and Docky too.
Butterflykiss: no from Hetalia dad
walkingstick: Yesh ^^
willotaku: will there be pizza?
Butterflykiss: XD
Butterflykiss: sure
walkingstick: and it will be flat...
omnia1: Like who Kira?
Sakura Kokoro: Lots <3
SunfallE I know they wanted to come blank, but work and school got in the way.
firezero: Butterflykiss: ok sorry kiddo and just to much wine lol
Support KIRA: ?
Sangome: Pizza's not from Italy...
Butterflykiss: ah lol
Blank: Yup. Which is exactly why I'm here for them :D!
Miracle Star19: o.o
walkingstick: IT isn't?
SunfallE awesome
Variance: RA!
willotaku: I was making a joke
Support KIRA: ZI
Butterflykiss: Hetalia mom
firezero: Sangome: yes it is from rome
Miracle Star19: IZ :p
Butterflykiss: its an anime about contry's
Variance: MIRA
Blank: Not that my being here makes too much difference, but I digress.
Butterflykiss: wow i cant spell
willotaku: a bad one, but still a joke
Blank: It's the thought that counts.
Sangome: Oh wait it is
Sangome: nevermind
Johnny: Alrigthy! the band and I are in
Sangome: herp
Ace: Hmm, looks like my games are gonna arrive a bit later than my 360.
willotaku: sweet hi!
walkingstick: ^__^
Miracle Star19: :D
Support KIRA: *waves at Johnny and the band*
omnia1: awesome :D
Sakura Kokoro: Yay!
willotaku waves as well
SunfallE Awesome, Johnny.
Hana Ishida: Squeee~!!!!! x3
walkingstick: How are you all??
Johnny: Do you guys have any questions or is this just a free for all
Miracle Star19: HAI Johnny :D
Blank: Ohay, thanks for coming.
SunfallE We'll be following a format.
omnia1: not bad how are you all?
willotaku: I'm good
Butterflykiss: welcome back Johnny
Ace: Essentially, you've entered a giant internet bar fight.
Johnny: a format? cool
firezero: Johnny: welcome back and how are you?
Butterflykiss: and um i have one
Gainax: aww man my laptop is lagging to bad
Ace: So good luck and sorry for the mislead.
Gainax: *so
SunfallE right once it's time I'll be moderating this room.
Sangome: Oh there she is
Sangome: YAY we match :D
Katana: Ehhh I had class
Linku-kun: .
Johnny: I'm assuming Kei and SunfallE are in charge?
omnia1: I am soooo boiling
Butterflykiss: you know if its ok to ask right now
Butterflykiss: yes they are
willotaku: and Adam
omnia1: Think I'm having an hot flush
Adam: welcome, Johnny, SunfallE (Beth) will be leading the event
omnia1 thinks*that can't be good*
Kei: I'm just scenery.
Johnny: Cool
Butterflykiss: yeah but he's a- oh never mind
Hana Ishida: .w.;;;
omnia1: O.O
SunfallE Adm and I are, Kei is helping out by saving the log.
Variance snickers
Johnny: Gotcha
Sangome: And we're just the spectators! :D
Katana: Kei is verrry useful.
NeKo MoonShine: kawaii: you aren't allowed to whisper..you have to refresh...and Johnny is the guest voice actor..that's why there are people here.
NeKo MoonShine: Cooki :D
Ace: And I'm Hayden Christensen!
Ace: Wait no.
willotaku bonks Ace
omnia1 Fans self
RedJ: lolwut
Katana: Welcome to this commentary
SunfallE So would you like to go ahead Johnny or wait a few minutes for the official start time?
Sangome: Welcome to the best commentary in the world
Sangome: Woah
Cooki Monstress: neko!
Sangome: suddenly, Canadian!James
Sangome: and suddenly Bell holy cow
Sangome: D:
Katana: Ohhh
willotaku: greetings all
SomeGuy: Late night. Just got out of the shower
Butterflykiss: oh and um Johnny my older brother that couldn't make it today says hello~
Sangome: :D
SunfallE Glad you could make it James
Katana: I'm not getting the notes so I'm lost and yeah the sidebar.
willotaku: hey James
Hana Ishida: .w.
SomeGuy: Missed the last two big things
Sangome: oh
SunfallE we're about to start.
Sangome: I better refresh
Johnny: Sure, go for it
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